The Countdown of Nail Dust Collectors Begins – Find Out What Made The Top 3

Powerful Fans & Suction for Nail Dust Debris

Stepping into a professional salon and seeing the manicurist wearing a mask is not the most welcoming sight; you want your clients to feel at ease, comfortable and valued, and the mask becomes a major barrier to this. No warm smile, no friendly words – the simple act of wearing a mask can make or break your business.

Nail dust collectors are an essential addition to your manicure table. When filing nails, particles of dust, chemicals and sometimes fungal spores (especially from toenails) are released into the atmosphere. These float around before settling on every surface, but even worse, we end up breathing in this noxious cloud. This is neither pleasant nor healthy. Fortunately now there is an alternative to the protective, but off-putting, mask – the nail dust collector.

This neat piece of equipment sucks in the dust particles and other nasty debris that result from manicures and pedicures, and even though they are designed for salon use, many of us use them at home – let’s face it anything that results in less dusting is worth it, let alone what the particles are doing to our lungs.

But, what makes a good nail dust collector?


This is important as, along with functionality, it needs to fit in with your salon’s design, the space available, and the way you want to use it.


Every dust collector needs good ventilation in order to effectively suck in the dust without overheating.

Dust Bags

Some dust collectors use dust bags to store the particles before you throw them out, rather than a tray design. So when thinking about a particular model, you need to consider if the bags are reusable or washable, and also how many are included in each purchase.

Power Consumption

This is an important factor, especially if you carry out lot of manicures during the working day. It’s well worth thinking about how much power the dust collector uses, whether it comes with voltage protection, and how efficient it is.

I’m putting the best selling nail dust collectors through their paces.


1) MAKARTT Professional Nail Dust Collector

What Makes It Great

As usual with Makartt products, this is a high quality dust collector. Well made and built to last, it has two strong motors to suck in every particle of nail dust. Asides from a slight hum, this is a very quiet machine, and is not power hungry even if running all day.

With washable HEPA filters and two fans, this is super comfortable to rest hands on whilst filing. Every speck of dust was sucked in, leaving nothing untoward floating around, and providing the ventilation grill was free, it didn’t heat up at all. Compact and good looking, this wouldn’t look out of place in any modern nail salon.

Where It Could Be Improved

The dust is collected in a pull out drawer which, obviously, should be washed regularly. It would be easier if it used a bag.

9.8Expert Score
The Final Verdict

Perfect for home or salon use, this powerful nail dust collector leaves nothing floating around to breathe in. Efficient and effective, this is going on the gift list!

MAKARTT Professional Powerful Nail Suction Dust Collector 60W No-spilling Filter Double Fans Extractor Removable Dust Collecting Port D-01

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2) E-EVYBRA Nail Dust Collector

What Makes It Great

With a super comfy hand resting pad, this is a nicely designed dust collector. An easy-to-clean curved stainless steel chassis and grill keeps everything hygienic, and despite being thoughtfully compact, there’s plenty of room over the suction area for both hands or feet. The filter is easily removed and washable, and the whole unit feels rugged and reliable.

Where It Could Be Improved

The cable is a little short, however, this was soon corrected with an extension cord.

9.6Expert Score
The Final Verdict

If you’re looking for a stylishly designed, professional quality dust collector, this one from Belle is well worth considering.

E EVEBYRA Nail Dust Suction Collector New Salon No-spilling Filter with Extractor Powerful 40W Large Fan by BoyaBeauty

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3) FIGHTART Nail Dust Collector

What Makes It Great

Fightart have designed a decent quality dust collector, with a square shaped stainless steel body. It has a pleasing industrial appearance, seems robust and is determined to suck up every piece of dust within a five mile area. With a slide out tray to rest your hands on, a reusable filter and easy heat dissipation, I was happy with the performance this gave.

Where It Could Be Improved

Although not an issue, this runs a little loud to have it on all day; however it’s not distracting or noisy enough to disturb a conversation.

9.7Expert Score
The Final Verdict

With a budget friendly price tag, this is a super nail dust collector. Strong suction, cool touch exterior, and a super robust body make this model a great buy.

FIGHTART 40W Strong Power Nail Suction Dust Extractor Collector No-spilling Filter Acuum Cleaner

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$49.99 $59.99

Finally, read up on the importance of purchasing and using a high quality nail dust collector in your salon or at home by clicking here.

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