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Dark Spots Under Your Toenails: What Are They & How To Treat Them

A dark spot under the toenail not only looks unsightly, it can also be quite worrying if you are unsure where it appeared from. The good news is that dark spots under the toenails are more common than you might think and the cause of these is usually nothing sinister.

Why Does My Nail Hurt?

If you have suffered an injury to the affected area, this could be the reason for the dark spot. If you are runner, it’s often the result of pressure and exertion on the area, which leads to injury of the nail.  As a result, a dark spot may appear. Other causes of dark spots include bacterial and fungus infections. In more serious, although less common, cases, a dark spot under the toenail could also be a sign of skin cancer.

Home Remedies for Dark Spots on my Toenails

The kind of treatment required will depend on the cause of the dark spots, so this will need to be determined first. A cold compress should be enough if the toenail has suffered an injury. This encourages any swelling to reduce, and the spot to fade, although this can take a few days. If it is painful, you may want to take some painkillers. Sometimes the nail will fall off, but the dark spot will heal and disappear as the new nail grows. If the dark spot is due to runner’s toe, it should clear up on its own, but in the meantime, you might want to change your trainers to a better fitting pair, or take a break from running until it has cleared up. Wearing compression socks should also help and I love these ones in particular!

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A bacterial infection can be cleared up by either seeing a dermatologist, or cleaning the affected area and just giving it time to heal. If possible, wear only soft, comfortable shoes and keep your feet cool and dry. If skin cancer is the cause of the dark spot, the doctor will be able to advise on the next form of treatment.

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How to Keep Toenails Healthy

Our toenails are one of the body parts we pay the least amount of attention to and this is why it’s common to end up with infections here. It is important to keep your toenails clean and to ensure you they don’t get too hot or sweaty. Let your feet breathe in cold, clean air. But, when visiting public areas such as a swimming pool or sports facility, make sure you wear sandals, as this will help prevent infections. Your feet will also benefit from a pedicure once in a while, to keep them healthy and looking great!

Apart from regular pedicures whether at home or at reputable salons, it is also recommended to acquaint yourself with various toenail diseases, as well as emergency home treatments once you’re able to recognize what’s going on with your toenails.

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