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People of all ages can be affected by unpleasant discoloration or the appearance of white spots on toenails. This can be the direct result of you knocking your toes against a hard or sharp surface. In most cases damage is caused to the root of the nail, revealing a whitish coloring that will gradually recede with the growth of the nail.

What are the White Spots on my Nails?

In some cases the white coloring can be an early symptom of something more severe. Remember to always contact your Physician if you notice significant change in the texture, color or size of your toenails. If you’ve recently noticed discoloration in your nails but don’t remember hitting your toenail, here are some possible causes:


Certain nail care products including nail varnish removers and hardeners can trigger allergic reactions in some people. The irritation of the skin and nail can lead to your nails turning white.

Lack of Nutrients

The lack of certain nutrients in the body can result in changes in hair, skin and nail textures. In the case of toenails, the white spots indicate calcium deficiency that is necessary for the development of strong bones. Nails and skins are also affected by zinc deficiency.


Nail fungus infections vary from one individual to the other. They occur more frequently in areas that are hot and humid where shoes are worn for long periods. Other areas where nail fungus infections can occur are swimming pools, shower stalls, and public gyms due to the dampness on the floor leading to the infection of family members that live under the same roof too. Tight hosiery and tight-fitting shoes can result in fungal infections if they are worn continuously without letting the feet dry out. It is common for the infection to spread from one toe to the rest including other regions of the body. If you think you may it, you can find ideas for nail fungus treatment here.

Tight-Fitting Shoes

Tight-fitting shoes can cause the feet to be strained and this includes the toenails. Once damage is caused white spots may develop on the nails.

Treatment for White Spots on Fingernails

The good news is that white spots are treatable; completely. What’s more, there are several natural remedies that can be used to do so. They are also less toxic and you just need a little time before your toenails are back in shape.


The right diet helps to minimize the growth of fungus in the body. Avoiding a diet that contains yeast or gluten as well as dairy products, processed foods, sweeteners and sugar can be highly effective.

Vinegar Solutions

In vinegar, acetic acid contains anti-fungal characteristics. Mix water and vinegar in equal portions. Immerse your feet in the solution for half an hour once a day. It reduces the growth of microbes and fungus.

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil hinders fungal growth and controls the development of other microbes while leaving the skin and nails intact. Use it as a topical solution up to 4 times daily once you remove the lesions that have developed through the fungal infection.

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