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Manicure Tables For Sale – Which One To Go With?

Keep Clients Coming Back With A Stylish Manicure Table

Get Cleanliness, Organization, & Luxury

Do you need a nail manicure station?  Whether it’s for DIY or wholesale business purposes, you needn’t worry, I’ve done all the research you on the best tables for sale.  I can appreciate that making such decisions to buy isn’t so black and white!

I’ve searched the Internet looking for the absolute best manicure tables for sale.  I’ve looked at used manicuring nail tables, considered things like free shipping,  quality, features, value, and yes aesthetics were all taken into account.

I’ve had bad experiences through eBay, but have come across some great gems on Amazon.  Unlike Amazon’s sophisticated selling platform, eBay’s is a disorganized melee and you should stay clear.

Okay, enough about me. Let’s talk about the tables!

To make things easy, I’ve divided my research into three categories, with three tables each. Click the category to jump to it on the page.

Luxury Manicure Tables

For The Most Elite Salons
Dina Meri 393-V Vented Filtered Manicure Nail Table Cherry Top
What Makes It A Great Table?

Everything, this nail table is the cream of the crop. Every single thing you could ask for, it delivers.

Let’s get the shallow part out of the way first. It looks good, as you can see. The top is a well-polished cherry finish.

Features? Everything you need. The storage space is ample. Sure, there are a few tables with more, but there should be more than enough here.

One added feature that really makes this table shine is the built-in ventilation. This is not only a fantastic time-saver, but it will help you cut down on mistakes, too. The less working around still-wet nails, the better.

The only drawback is the price. At $549, it’s quite a bit steeper than any other table on this list. If it’s outside of your budget, there are affordable alternatives below. If the price isn’t an issue, and you want a table that will help make your salon the best in town (or you simply want luxury from home), this is what you’re looking for. This table is guaranteed to keep you and your clients happy. You can find this nail table for sale at Amazon.com:

Dina Meri M602 Manicure Nail Table Double Cabinet
What Makes It A Great Table?

Three words: massive storage space. This table has a double cabinet, with each one containing five assorted trays for smaller, more delicate items, and four exterior side pockets for larger stuff. Anything and everything you could ever need to perform a beautiful manicure will be literally an arm’s reach away. It’s like a portable closet.

Not only is the storage space huge, but it’s also compartmentalized nicely. This will help ensure you’ll stay organized, and is a huge time saver. I can’t tell you how many hours I’ve wasted looking for supplies that I’ve simply misplaced due to a lack of organization, and I know I’m not alone on that. This product is a huge time saver. Besides the time it saves, it’s just nice not to have a cluttered mess.

While I prefer the cherry-top tables, this table is no ugly ducking. Its sleek black design is modern, while being simple enough to be a timeless elegant. I could see this nail station still looking up-to-date a decade from now.


Non-Luxury Manicure Tables

Beautiful Tables At An Affordable Price
Dina Meri M600
What Makes It A Great Table?

It’s a smaller, stripped-down version of the Dina Meri 393-V. There’s no vent, and only one of the two ends is used for storage, so you wont get quite as much storage in this table. The plus side of this is that it’s slightly less bulky and lighter, which will make wheeling it around easier. This is an excellent manicure table for sale on Amazon.com.

Dina Meri C119KD DLX Manicure Nail Table Black Laminated Top
What Makes It A Great Table?

If space is an issue, this small-but-elegant table is just what you need.

At just 38 pounds, this is one of the smallest and lightest non-portable tables around. Don’t let its small size fool you; it makes excellent use of that space, giving you as much bang as many larger tables.


Portable Manicure Tables

Tables For Nail Techs On The Go
Kayline 401 Portable Mini Nail Table Manicure Table
What Makes It A Great Table?

This is a very lightweight table, weighing in at under 20 pounds. Even if you’re a delicate little flower, you should have no trouble toting this table around. The table’s top is made of high-pressure black laminate. It’s very strong and sturdy; it will not only hold your products, but it should be able to support your body weight should you develop the habit of leaning on it.

A polish tray which holds up to 19 bottles.

LCL Beauty Portable Folding 1-Drawer 1
What Makes It A Great Table?

It’s incredible value. At just $79.88 (at the time of writing), and with free shipping to boot, there’s not a better bang for your buck on this list. The cherry on the sundae? It comes with a carrying case made out of ballistic nylon (so strong it was once used in bulletproof clothing) at no extra charge.

As for the design of the table, it’s sweet but simple. There are no extra frills or luxuries, but it does what you’ll need it to do.

The tabletop is made of Formica, which is acetone-proof and easily wipes up. Clean up will be a breeze. The slide-out drawer has been designed extra deep in order to hold all of the products and supplies you could ever (reasonably) need.

Your clients will feel utterly relaxed while leaning on the one and a half-inch luxury padding that covers this table. What’s more, the table can be neatly packed away in the FREE ballistic nylon carrying case. • Top quality manicure table in classic white• Acetone-proof formica finish, quick to clean • Deep Slide-out Drawer for all your equipment and varnishes • COMPLIMENTARY Ballistic Nylon carrying case and shoulder strap

In terms of bang for your buck, this is possibly the best portable manicure station for sale online.


Manicure Tables Wholesale

If you own a salon and want to buy manicure tables wholesale, Amazon is an excellent supplier. They are quite possibly the most trusted retailer in the world, with fast, dependable shipping. Also, they have an enormous selection to choose from — if you want a chair in a certain style, with a certain feature, you can be confident they have it.

Finally, if you need more than a manicure table for your nail salon, be sure to check out our personal selection of high-quality pedicure chairs.