Every Day, Week or Month? How Long Between Manicures?

How Often Should You Get a Manicure?

Having a manicure, be it at a top notch salon, or your kitchen table, can seem a frivolous expense that our budgets and tight time schedules can barely afford, but believe it or not, there is research to suggest that a regular manicure is good for our mental wellbeing.

Beauty therapists are already aware of the link between self esteem and beauty treatments, and many see their work less as making people look good and more about making them feel good. This ethos also has a kickback effect on the therapists themselves by boosting their mental health as clients leave their premises feeling pampered and looking great.

But even a home DIY manicure can increase confidence and self esteem. By just taking a little time out of our hectic schedules and finding that calm space where we can concentrate on doing our nails, can make a real difference. Couple that with the boost we get everytime we catch a glimpse of our newly decorated nails, or *gasp* we receive a compliment, and we can be on cloud ten all day long.

Most modern nail finishes, such as gel or acrylic, can last up to four weeks before they become damaged by wear and tear, as long as we do our bit by wearing gloves for tasks that may cause chips, and frequent moisturizing. But under the polish, our nails keep growing, and unless you love that little semicircle of bare nail that appears at the base, it’s necessary to keep on top of your manicure.

How often should you visit the nail tech?

Healthy adult fingernails grow at a rate of approximately 1/10 of an inch (1mm) per month, about three times quicker than toenails, with the nails on your dominant hand growing a little faster than the others. They also tend to slow down in the winter months, or when we are ill. Nail growth rates can change throughout our lifetime, too, with children’s nails growing at a rate of knots and the older person’s slowing down, whilst pregnancy hormones, certain drugs, and poor nutrition can also affect the nail growth.

If you prefer to carry out your own manicures, I would recommend touching up your polish every two weeks or so. However, if you prefer your nails on the longer side, you may need to carry out repairs more frequently. Don’t forget, the tips will probably need filing, too. When we apply a full coat of polish, we should always cap it off. This means swiping a layer or two across the tip to seal the nail. If we then, in the course of topping up our manicure, file this seal away, it should be replaced to preserve the integrity of the polish. So whilst your carry out infills, it pays to repair the cap too.

If you are a salon girl, and budget isn’t an issue, many nail techs recommend a fortnightly visit, for infills, although this may be weekly if you have longer nails, as these can be prone to breaking, and often need a fair amount of tidying up in between full manicures.

Whether you visit a salon, or open the home manicure kit, think of it as a form of therapy, something to help you feel confident and self assured, providing an often much-needed boost that’s far better than medication. So, you’re not wasting dollars, or time, on a self indulgent luxury, you’re investing in your mental health – perfect reasoning!

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