How to Choose the Perfect Nail Shapes for Chubby Fingers – Advice from a Nail Tech

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We can’t help the shape of our hands – genetics has made them the way they are. I’ve always had, and always will, slightly chubby fingers. But by choosing the right nail shapes for your next manicure, you can elongate your fingers while looking super stylish and put together.

I can’t lift weights to tone up and slim down my fingers – and even if I could, I doubt very much if I’d bother! So, today, I’m going to look at what nail shapes and manicures would suit anyone with chubby fingers, like mine.

Squoval Nails

The squoval shape is a conventional square nail with oval edges. Allowing nail beds to have length whilst still looking balanced, this shape is easy to maintain. You can achieve this look by filing the nails into a square, ensuring that the sidewalls are straight. Then tilt the nail file beneath the corners and file evenly. The process removes the sharp corners, leaving a smooth rounded shape, but still keeping the square edge. With a wide nail bed, this shape is great for nail art. Drawing the eye along your fingers to the nail itself, rhinestone nail designs bring a touch of sparkle, while nail stickers make excellent use of the space on offer.

Almond Nails

It is not such a popular shape, but is quite adventurous and edgy. It creates length, and makes hands appear slender.

  1. First, mark a spot at the center of your nails and start filing toward that point. File your nails at an angle that is just a little bit off the center in order to leave a flat tip for rounding.
  2. Now for the fun part. Almond shaped nails are the perfect canvas for decorating, and personally I think mirror shine chrome nail designs are a stunning match for the unusual almond manicure. The dramatic glimmering certainly takes the attention away from my fingers. Holographic nails have the same visual effect.

Oval Nails

The oval is a great shape, creating elegance by flattering wide nail beds, and giving the illusion of length and slenderness. For this shape, start by filing the sidewalls in a straight manner to ensure they are even. After this, start filing the sides of the nail, using long, curved strokes. Then, work your angles on equal sides of the nails and around the free edge to smooth them into a well balanced oval shape. An ombre manicure can bring a real touch of individuality to oval nails, taking the heat off chubby fingers, and a few diamonds look awesome decorating this shape.

Personality and Finger Shape

They do say – whoever ‘they’ are, that the shape of your hands provides clues to your personality. Let me know how accurate this is:

If you have long straight fingers, with blunt tips:

You’re practical, well organized and sensible, with a great sense of order, and a love of all things punctual. But you hide who you really are from everyone, except those you love. They know the real you – the you that’s sweet, emotional and kind. That adores animals, and has a unique, and some would say quirky, sense of humor.

If you have more pointed tips:

Quick to fall in love, you’re unfailingly loyal, never abandoning your friends. However, sometimes you can fall too hard, too quickly and end up getting hurt, which can knock your self confidence. As a result you can feel nervous around strangers. Sensitive, dreamy and maybe a little impractical, you can have a hard time connecting with the real world. You have a way of looking at the world which is beautiful, but things must fit into your creative aesthetic.

If you have large knuckles and rounded tips:

You act as you feel, and sometimes you have a tough time keeping those feelings in check. As a result you can be a bit of an open book, who gets very attached to things and people; however, you can let go, if you need to. You always want to please everyone, but this means sometimes you forget to look after yourself. Quick witted and very intuitive, you can be startlingly spontaneous.

Hopefully this quick guide was exactly what you needed to get inspired for your next manicure and to choose the right nail shapes for you. If you’re looking for more tips and an in-depth analysis of what each nail shape does to your hand and what to avoid if you have chubby fingers, check out these guidelines.

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