Remove Gel Nails At Home – Tips From the Experts

The liquid silk sheen of the perfect gel manicure is always hard to say goodbye to, but sometimes we just have to. Maybe the polish has finally started to lift at the base, you fancy a change of style or just need to let your natural nails breathe before applying the new magic.

Removing gel manis can be done at home, and contrary to popular belief, as long as you follow a couple of rules, it’s no worse than having them removed at a salon.

What you’ll need:

Gel Nail Polish Remover Kit,MORGLES 10pcs Nail Polish Remover Clips Cap 300pcs Nail Wipe Cotton Pads Nano Glass Nail File Cuticle Pusher Nail File Grit 100/180 and Brushes-Purple

Gel Nail Polish Remover Kit,MORGLES 10pcs Nail Polish Remover Clips Cap 300pcs Nail Wipe Cotton Pads Nano Glass Nail File...

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  • Gently, and I mean very gently, buff the surface of your nails, taking off as much polish as you can. By breaking through the gel coat’s surface, it allows the remover to penetrate the layers effectively.
  • Apply petroleum jelly around your nails and cuticles
  • Soak an Esarora Cotton Pad from in acetone and using the Remover Clips, fix it in place.
  • Relax for thirty minutes before checking to see if the gel is soft enough to wipe off. If it’s still tough, then reclip and give them a bit longer. Resist the temptation just to pull any loose bits off – always soak!
  • Once the gel is removed, wash and dry thoroughly and apply a moisturizer.

Morgle’s Gel Remover Clip Kit makes the job so much easier than just wrapping your nails in foil and risk leaking acetone everywhere. The cotton pads adhere well, and with the clips, prevent the acetone leaking everywhere while your nails soak.

Comfortable enough to forget you’re wearing them, you can still use your phone while you wait. They’re hard wearing and reusable, too, making them a great addition to any manicure kit.

When done correctly – with no picking, or scraping, removing either gel or acrylic manicures is simple and doesn’t harm your natural nails at all. Just remember to moisturize.

My go-to moisturizer is a beautifully scented blend of olive, lavender, and almond oils. It’s great for all over, but especially face, neck, hands and nails, and is created by Bliss of Greece.



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