Repairing Your Nails After A Gel Manicure? I Share My Industry Secrets

Has Your Gel Manicure Left Your Nails Damaged?

Gel manicures have been a real game changer in the world of nail art. Loved for their high gloss finish and longevity, every day can be an awesome nail day with very little effort. Highly respected magazines such as Vogue, regularly carry articles about the latest trends in gel manicures, increasing their popularity, and readily available kits make them an easy DIY option.

However, there is a downside to gel nails – they can, if your nails aren’t cared for properly in between manis, leave your nails dry, brittle and in need of repair. But, fear not, this is a problem with several hassle-free solutions.

How to repair your nails after a gel manicure

Often the post gel damage is caused by removing the manicure itself. Removing a gel manicure can take time and patience.

How to remove a gel manicure safely

  1. The gel’s seal needs to be broken, and this can be done by carefully filing across the nails surface
  2. Next, apply an acetone soaked cotton ball to the nail, holding it in place with aluminum foil
  3. Leave in place for approximately 10 minutes – more if you have the time, before peeling the cotton ball off
  4. The remaining polish should be relatively easy to remove, now, with a nail file
  5. Careful not to scrape or dig at the polish, gently file off the last of the gel
  6. Moisturize thoroughly

Once the gel is removed, your nails need a chance to breathe and recover, and helping them to regain their moisture content is the key to having happy, healthy post gel nails.

Use a good nail moisturizer at least twice a day, making sure you massage it into your cuticles. This not only increases the moisture content, but improves the blood supply to the area, carrying essential nutrients and allowing your nails to produce healthy new growth, whilst nourishing the existing nail.

Twice a week, soak your nails in a bowl of olive oil for about 10 minutes. This inexpensive treatment can make a big difference to nail quality, but if, like me, you’re ultra budget conscious, you can always reuse the oil for several soaks – although, do try to avoid frying your onions in it, by mistake!

Taken daily, multivitamins can dramatically improve your nail health, especially if they contain biotin, and although you won’t see an immediate improvement, over time, your nails will be stronger, smoother and more able to withstand a gel manicure.

With healthier nails to start with, you can approach every new gel mani knowing your nails will look awesome with the polish applied, and also once it’s removed, too.

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