Give the Perfect Massage with These Amazing Massage Tables! The Best of December, 2018

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Keep Clients Coming Back With A Stylish Massage Table

You’ve worked hard honing your massage therapy skills, studying techniques and creating a relaxing space to work in, your bench is the last thing to sort out – but it’s actually the most crucial.

There are several things to consider in choosing the best massage table for you, and your clients.

The height of the table is also a factor, and the majority have adjustable height settings, making the table suitable for any therapy you wish to practice.

If you don’t have access to therapy rooms, your table may need to be portable, and therefore the weight and maneuverability should be taken into consideration when making your selection.

So, what are the 5 best selling massage tables of December, 2018, and how good are they really?

1) Best Massage Portable Massage Table

What Makes It A Great Table

Opening the delivery box, I was impressed with how light this table is. The foam, whilst on the thin side, is comfortable and the overall finish looks great.

Despite having a wooden frame, there is no movement, flexing or alarming creaks with this table, even when clients are turning over, and for the price, it’s excellent.

The finish is great, and the extra additions, such as the head support, are easily attached and secure. Plus it comes with a Free Carrier Bag.

Where It Could Be Improved

The only problem I’ve found so far was that one of the carrying straps was coming loose. However, Best Massage have responded brilliantly and sent me a new case, which has lasted well.

9.7Expert Score
The Final Verdict

An outstanding, easily portable massage table at a great price, I am really impressed with this!

BestMassage PU Portable Massage Table w/Free Carry Case

Last update was in: July 22, 2018 7:30 pm


2) EARTHLITE Harmony Eco Friendly Massage Table

What Makes It A Great Table

This Earthlite table is at the higher end of the price bracket, but its stylish good looks and quality of workmanship make it worth the price paid.

The non-slip legs are a great idea, and with the full length heavy duty hinge this is a strong, stable massage table, even with larger clients turning over and moving around.

I like the fully adjustable head rest – it’s comfortable, well padded, and adds a couple of extra inches to the length.

Where It Could Be Improved

The zipper on the carrier bag for this Earthlite table is not particularly robust and I did notice that after a couple of uses, it was starting to stick a little. A quick phone call to Earthlite and a new bag arrived, very quickly, on my doorstep.

9.5Expert Score
The Final Verdict

This table is stylish – the design is unusual, well constructed and it looks very professional as you set it up. Money well spent!

EARTHLITE Harmony DX Portable Massage Table Package – Eco-Friendly Design, Deluxe Adjustable Headrest, Hard Maple, Aircraft Quality, up to 600...

Free shipping
Last update was in: July 22, 2018 7:37 pm
$277.64 $309.00


3) Saloniture Professional Massage Table in Pink

What Makes It A Great Table

I love that this table comes in a choice of colours – including this lovely pink number.

It was also a pleasant surprise that it arrived fully assembled, and all I had to do was unpack and stare lovingly at its pinkness.

I am impressed by this Saloniture table. The oil and water-proof wipe clean surface will allow the table to remain in exceptional condition.

Where It Could Be Improved

Try as I might, I cannot fault this table. I asked clients to wiggle around, and it didn’t complain once, putting up with all I threw at it and coping brilliantly. And it’s pink!

9.9Expert Score
The Final Verdict

There is a security that comes with a reliable, well made and sturdy table, and this massage table has it. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this.

Saloniture Professional Portable Folding Massage Table with Carrying Case - Pink

Free shipping
Last update was in: July 22, 2018 7:40 pm
$119.99 $239.98


4) Sierra Comfort All Inclusive Portable Massage Table

What Makes It A Great Table

Looking for something incredibly convenient?

This Sierra all-inclusive bundle isn’t just a massage table, it’s the perfect starter pack to get you going on your journey to heavenly relaxation.

In this set, you get a quality, portable massage table; massage sheets and an array of useful accessories including cotton fitted sheet, towel hanger and oil pouch.

The table is beautifully made with hardwood, and the 2.5 inch high-density foam cover provides support and comfort to your body. The materials are waterproof and oil resistant, which will not only protect your equipment but makes them easy to clean.

On top you have a removable face cradle, arm supports, arm rests – basically everything you’d expect from a proper massage table.

If all that wasn’t enough, you’ll be given a carrier bag and a generous 5-year warranty from Sierra.

Where It Could Be Improved

The table feels a little shaky at first, so it requires some tweaking to get it just right.

9.0Expert Score
The Final Verdict

A good looking massage table that after a shaky start, will work like a dream. Highly recommended.

Sierra Comfort All Inclusive Portable Massage Table, Royal Blue

3 used from $91.36
Free shipping
Last update was in: August 1, 2018 7:59 am
$130.52 $132.21


5) Master Massage Therma Top Massage Table

What Makes It A Great Table

I really, really like this table!

It’s stylish, looks professional, is stable and well made, and although pricey, with the warming surface, it is money well spent.

The patented ThermaTop adds a soothing warmth to the client experience, and can aid deep tissue massage, making the whole process more effective.

Asides from this, the table is sturdy, doesn’t creak, and it comfortable enough to sleep on – trust me, I know this for a fact!

Where It Could Be Improved

On unpacking, I did notice a slight smell to this table: however I left it up for a couple of days, and the smell faded away. I think it was just a new plasticy, factory aroma.

9.3Expert Score
The Final Verdict

This table is a little on the pricey side, but you are purchasing the whole client experience – the ThermaTop, the beautifully stylish, almost colonial looking, dark wood and cream colour scheme, and an unrivalled comfort that encourages rest and relaxation.

Master Massage 30" Del Ray Therma Top Portable Massage Table Package Beauty Bed Built in Warming Pad, Sand

Free shipping
Last update was in: July 22, 2018 7:47 pm

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