Enhance Your Nails With My Recommended Fibreglass Wraps

Get Strong Natural Nails With The Fibreglass Method

I’ve always liked the sound of fiberglass nails – ultra durable, with the strength and sharpness to cut through…okay, so maybe a bit of an exaggeration. They do look super sexy though!

Fibreglass nails are commonly applied using silk nail wrap kits. Although not many nail technicians offer it as an option yet, favoring the ever popular gel nails. So this newer finish is often overlooked. Fiberglass is perfect for strengthening and repairing your natural nails, and can create a strong looking nail extension. It has many benefits over gel or acrylic:

  • Produces a naturally flexible nail
  • Creates a thin, natural looking nail
  • Much less prone to breaking
  • Can be used to repair natural nails
  • Creates a very strong nail extension
  • Quick to apply
  • Easily polished
  • Hassle-free removal

What do I need for fiberglass nails: Nail polish remover; resin; spray setter; fiberglass bundles; sharp scissors and tweezers.


  1. Using the polish remover, make sure your nails are clean and grease free
  2. Lightly buff the nail bed, and push back the cuticles
  3. Apply tips if you require them
  4. Cut the fibers to fit your nails, leaving a 1mm margin around the cuticle
  5. Apply to the nail, pressing down firmly on the backing
  6. Cut any excess fiber from the free nail edge
  7. Apply a thin layer of resin, ensuring the fibers are covered. Avoid getting any on the cuticle
  8. Wait for a minute, then spay with the setter
  9. Apply another layer of resin
  10. Spray with setter
  11. Repeat a couple of times
  12. Lightly file and smooth the surface and free edge of the nail
  13. Shape the nail
  14. Wipe over with polish remover
  15. Apply a top coat and cure
  16. After doing my own fiberglass manicures a good few times now, here’s a couple of tips:
  17. Resin sets quickly, so always wipe the bottle top and keep the lid on
  18. Store the delicate bundles of fiberglass in a box, separate from the rest of your kit
  19. Use tweezers to apply the fibers as you don’t want it to absorb oils from your skin
  20. When spraying the setter, keep about 1.5 -2’’ away
  21. Apply enough resin to cover the mesh

So now we know what to do, let’s have a look at the best selling fiberglass nail products!

1) SHEBA NAILS Fiberglass Nail Wrap Pre Cut Fingers

What Makes It Great

These nail wraps are pre-cut and shaped to the shape of your nail so are really easy to use. You get 10 sheets and there are 7 fingers on each sheet so the pack will last you a long time, great value for money! They work really well to strengthen your nails, but I always keep a few in my nail kit to be able to repair those pesky broken nails too.

Where It Could Be Improved

You need to buy the nail resin separately but you can pick that up cheaply and it’ll last you a long time

9.6Expert Score
The Final Verdict

Comes conveniently pre-cut and great for strengthening or repairing either natural or artificial nails

SHEBA NAILS Fiberglass Nail Wrap Pre Cut Fingers

Last update was on: June 11, 2020 5:33 pm
in stock

2) Soft Touch Fiberglass Wrap Dispenser

What Makes It Great

This fiberglass wrap dispenser is brilliant – self-adhesive, easy to trim and perfect to place, it makes fiberglass nails accessible for everyone. I found they were awesomely tough, but flexible enough to prevent shattering.

Where it Could be Improved

These require a little bit longer soaking in acetone in order to remove them, but they slide off almost in one sheet when they have soaked.

9.7Expert Score
The Final Verdict

No longer only available in salons, now everyone can have professional quality fiberglass nails.

Soft Touch Original Dispense a Wrap System- Silk

Last update was on: June 11, 2020 5:33 pm
in stock


3) LILYCUTE Fiberglass Nails

What Makes It Great

These are easy-to-use bundles of fibers all ready to apply to your nails. Cut to size, add resin and file – the instructions are comprehensive, and the final result is super strong. I lost count of the times I was asked who did my nails!

Where It Could Be Improved

Can be fiddly to apply, and the pack didn’t come with instructions, but a quickly look on YouTube will show you all you need to know.

9.2Expert Score
The Final Verdict

The fibers in this pack can create awesome looking nails. Salon quality nails at a budget friendly price - great!

LILYCUTE Fiber Nails Kit Fiberglass Nail Form for Nail Art Quick Extension Nail Art Equipment Fibernails Building UV Gel Tool...

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