Real or False Nails – The Challenge 2020

Fake products are often seen as a poor imitation of the real thing; fake art is never collected or raved about, fake designer goods are sought out and destroyed, and of course the universally hated, but very topical, fake news!

But….. there is a fake product that is frequently valued more than the original, sold in high numbers and spoken about openly. Fake nails are trending everywhere right now! Insta, Pinterest and all the catwalk shows are featuring these great accessories, so what’s the buzz about fake nails?

What Makes a Great Fake Nail?

Fake nails, often referred to as false or artificial nails, enhance and add to your natural nails. Providing extra length and strength, fake nails will quickly become your new super glamorous best friends. With practice you can be wearing gorgeous, ultra cool works of art on your fingertips.

There are two main types – extensions and overlays, and both are made from fantastically hard wearing, but extremely light, plastic.

Designed to create length and shape, extensions, also known as tips, are attached to your natural nail with strong adhesive, filed to shape and coated in acrylic or gel polishes. Overlays are used to give your natural nails a neat, professional appearance, without really adding to the length. So if your nails are discoloured, ridged or you have a habit of chewing them, overlays will instantly give you good looking nails.

Another great feature with fake nails, and I use this one frequently, is that you can put pre-prepared polished sets aside that match with your favorite outfits. That way all you need to do is pull out the adhesive, apply the nails and woohoo – instant perfection!

It is true, however, that fake nails will need to be removed and replaced, but these days, nail adhesive is so good that it can keep them firmly fixed for over three weeks, and by then you’ll probably want a different manicure anyway.

Are Fake Nails Safe?

Fake nails used to have a reputation for creating issues with natural nail beds, however, with modern materials this is rarely the case now. If you have a salon manicure, check to make sure everything is sterilized before use, and if you are a keen DIYer, ensure that you clean everything properly, follow any safety instructions, and work in a well ventilated area. That way you know your natural nails won’t give you any cause to worry.

Natural Nails?

Growing your natural nails takes time and careful effort –  moisturize, file and trim regularly and if you plan to do anything other than sit completely still and look elegant, wear gloves. And after all that, they can still break! Also, if you’re anything like me, your nails aren’t all completely uniform, so adding polish just highlights that.

You can probably guess which side I come down on every time, and with these fake nails from Markartt, in my mani kit, it’s a no-brainer. Hard wearing, extremely durable, and yet easy to file and shape, the kit includes over 500 fake nails of various sizes. The polish goes on smoothly, adhering well to the surface, and it’s an added bonus that they are environmentally friendly.

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Fake nails are a great addition to any wardrobe, bringing unique elegance, fantastic fun or a smile as you sparkle!

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