Beautiful & Enigmatic Holographic Nails – My Review of the Top 3 Holographic Nail Designs

Lead The Holographic Nail Trend

We all love sparkles, which is why holographic nails are one of the fastest growing fashion trends, and for good reason. They are shiny, colorful, and oh-so-pretty! One of the best ways to get them is to use holographic nail powder, but there are some exceptionally good holo polishes, too.

Holographic nail color is essentially regular nail powder with the addition of a special pigment. Similar to chrome nails, holographic polish is made up of microscopic reflective particles, which often includes real silver, that gives it an iridescent sheen.

After applying a base color or just a base layer to the nail, you can add a layer of the holographic pigment with a brush or a simple makeup applicator, brush off any extra pigment, and give them a gentle buff for that eye-catching, holographic look. Over the top of the powder, add a layer of clear sealing gel, and you and your nails will be ready to make a splash.

Whether you wear them short, long or in between, holographic nails create dramatic impact wherever you go, so, naturally, I had to try out this awesome finish!


1) ILNP MEGA Holographic Polish

What Makes It Great

Not only is this eco and vegan friendly, but the holographic effect is one of intensity, depth and color. It goes on smoothly, with nothing to mar the satin smooth surface. Once cured, the finish is one of the best I’ve seen, and boy, does it last! It stayed looking immaculate for over three weeks.

Where It Could Be Improved

The odor, once opened, is very strong, so I advise opening the windows, if possible.

9.5Expert Score
The Final Verdict

The intensity and depth with this holographic polish is very impressive for a home manicure. Definitely one for the manicure kit!

ILNP MEGA - 100% PURE Ultra Holographic Nail Polish

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2) GA & EN Holographic Hues Powder

Holographic Nail Powder Fine Rainbow Holo Unicorn Mirror Laser Effect Multi Chrome Manicure Pigment Glitter Dust For Salon Home Nail Art DIY Deco, 0.04oz/1g, Sponge Tool/3pcs

What Makes It Great

This powder dip is simple to apply, looks gorgeous, and gives an amazing twinkle, which lasts and lasts. The powder took several coats to achieve full depth, but once finished, the results stayed chip-free for nearly three weeks.

Where It Could Be Improved

On opening the pot, the powder is very fine, so be careful not to spill, or blow it everywhere!

9.9Expert Score
The Final Verdict

For true holographic shine and a rich color, this holographic nail powder is hard to beat. A great starting point for anyone interested in holographic nails.

3) iMethod Holographic Chrome Nail Powder

What Makes It Great

Made from ultra fine salon-grade pigments and actual silver, this powder is easy to apply with a brush and looks amazing. Just swipe over a top coat and the result is an eye popping holographic sparkle. My nails looked very unusual, with everyone commenting on how great they were, and they kept looking good until the first chip showed up at about three weeks in.

Where It Could Be Improved

It took a good couple of dips to remove completely, but that doesn’t put me off at all.

9.7Expert Score
The Final Verdict

For ease of application, durability and holographic effect, this powder ticks all the right boxes.

Holographic Chrome Nail Powder - iMethod Premium Salon Grade Rainbow Unicorn Mirror Effect Multi Chrome Manicure Pigment, 0.04oz/1g

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