Unsightly Green Toenails? Get Rid of Unhealthy Toenails!

Green Toenails: What Do They Mean & How Can They Be Treated?

Green nails are nice and pretty – if you’ve just been to get a nail makeover; they are slightly less appealing, however, if the nails have just turned this color for no apparent reason! The sight of green nails staring back at you can be quite distressing but usually the cause of this is something quite common. It’s a sensible plan to think whether there could be any reasonable explanation for your green toenails, such as bruising or staining due to nail polish – there may be no need to worry.

The green nails could be down to a fungal infection, which, if left untreated, can cause the nails to become misshapen and even crumble.

How Do You Get Rid of Smelly Nails?

There might be a bit of a nasty smell as a bacterial infection can also be the cause of green nails. This is known as Green Nail Syndrome. In this case, the nail will turn green and, in rare instances, it can even lead to pneumonia, and other nasty internal diseases. This is due to the fungal spores, or bacteria, entering the blood stream, via the nails, and being carried around the body. It’s important to seek medical advice if you have any other symptoms, including headaches, nausea, or a temperature.

How Do You Treat Green Nails?

If you have Green Nail Syndrome, your doctor may recommend an effective antibacterial cream. In some cases, the toenail may need to be completely removed. Toenail fungus can be successfully treated using a nail softening treatment.  This toenail softener is great for treating toenail fungus, allowing your nails to become soft enough to trim, thus exposing the fungus to the air. The spores require an anaerobic environment to multiply, thus gently trimming your nails, using the softening cream to prevent splitting, allows the air to kill off the fungus. You may need to do this several times as your toenail grows. Plus, with all that moisturizing, your feet will feel amazing!

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It is important to speak to a doctor, if you are unsure of the cause as they will be able to recommend the right treatment. In cases where it has been caused by injury or trauma, the green discoloration should clear up on its own, but you should avoid any extra stress to the area.

How Do You Keep Your Toenails Healthy?

It is important to take good care of your nails, just as you would with anything else. If you tend to do a lot of exercise, invest in a good pair of trainers, don’t just opt for the most stylish! Ill-fitting shoes can cause a great deal of pain, so always get your feet measured for the right size of footwear. Don’t neglect your toenails, make sure you clean, moisturize and keep them cool when relaxing at home.

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