Marbled Nails – My Favorite Tools & Hacks for This Season’s Hottest Look

Create Incredible Nail Designs With Nail Watercolor Ink

Watermarble nails – on trend and racing ahead when it comes to fashion, are only just beginning to hit the salon portfolios. These beautifully delicate smoke-like marbling and shading are super easy to create at home. To create the effect, all you will need is your choice of polishes and a humble cocktail stick or a nail pen.


  1. Trim, file and prepare your nails
  2. Apply a base coat and cure
  3. Apply a coat of polish and cure – white and other pale colors look great as a background for marbling
  4. Use the moisturizer around your nails – this prevents the ink/polish staining your skin
  5. Drop some of the colored inks onto the surface of the water in the dish (you could use polish, but this creates a very strident pattern, and not the delicate marbling that’s so en vogue)
  6. If you wish, gently swirl the inks with a cocktail stick – the final pattern depends on this, so whether you swirl, or how much, is entirely down to personal choice.
  7. Dry
  8. Add a couple of top coats, curing in between.

I have been eagerly anticipating experimenting with nail marbling, so here goes!

1) Whats Up Nails Watermarble Tool

What Makes It Great

This slick looking tool from Whats Up Nails is awesome at creating interesting marbling patterns for your nail art. With an ergonomic grippy handle and an easy-to-clean nib, delicate, subtle ‘bullseye’ are easy to achieve, ‘flowers’ in marbled veins, and more. I had super fun playing around with designs.

Where It Could Be Improved

Such a simple design, but it does take a bit of practice to become a proficient marbler.

9.1Expert Score
The Final Verdict

This simple tool can make a professional nail artist out of all of us. Create beautiful unique watermarble designs in minutes.

Whats Up Nails - Pure Color #7 Watermarble Tool

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2) Makartt Watercolor Marble Nail Ink

Makartt Blooming Nail Polish, Alcohol Ink Watercolor Pink Blossom Gel Nail Polish Magic Manicuring Kit Work with Transparent Red Marble Nail Vanish Young Nail Art Design,Summer 6 Colors Set

What Makes It Great

Markartt’s 6 bottle set of inks are designed specifically for marble nails. Creating the most stunningly chic patterns, from delicately faded to bold vein-edged blotches, these inks are non-toxic and eco friendly. I love watching the design ‘grow’ and spread as it develops – each nail, every time is completely unique.

Where It Could Be Improved

It can be a little tricky to get it right in the beginning, but it was fun to experiment with them.

9.7Expert Score
The Final Verdict

Awesome and unusual effects that are easily achieved, creating the most beautiful nails.

Makartt Blooming Nail Polish, Alcohol Ink Watercolor Pink Blossom Gel Nail Polish Magic Manicuring Kit Work with Transparent Red Marble...

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3) BORN PRETTY Watercolor Ink Marble Nail Art

What Makes It Great

With a set of 6 gorgeously smokey marble effect colors, your nail art can reach new levels of imagination and awesomeness. I can’t get enough of these inks, and love that they look deceptively difficult to use – honestly, they couldn’t be simpler.

Where It Could Be Improved

I found these bottles dripped slightly when pouring, so make sure you protect the surface you’re working on. Certainly not a deal breaker for me.

9.7Expert Score
The Final Verdict

Fun to create, and all completely original, this set is a great addition to any mani kit. It’s perfect gift for a girlfriend, too.

BORN PRETTY Blossom Nail Polish, Magic Blooming Gradient Color Nail Polish manicuring Kit Watercolor Ink Marble Nail Art Design, 6...

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