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Welcome to We Heart Nails, a site dedicated in giving you advice and recommendations on the most sought-after nail salon products and equipment. I’ve spent hours researching the best nail salon equipment for you. I’ve searched reviews, ratings, and firsthand recommendations, saving you precious hours in the process. My dedication (some say obsession!) with anything and everything nails allows me to give you dependable advice, including on the best manicure tables and spa pedicure chairs. For those of you with a business mindset, my recommendations on nail supplies will help give your business an improved ROI by delivering you the best bang for your buck. I also have a regularly-updated blog, featuring tutorials and advice I’m sure you’ll find useful. I hope this site will help bring you a great salon, happier clients, more income, and maybe even more free time to enjoy life. If you have any questions or comments, you can try to catch me on live chat. If not, you can always drop me a message on my contact page. I always look forward to hearing from readers. Enjoy browsing the site!

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The Ultimate Guide to Home Manicures

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A must read for any salon owner

If there’s one thing all women want, it’s beautiful nails. From our grandmothers to our granddaughters, and every woman in between, women want those sleek, stylish nails that grab attention. Sure, we can get them from a salon, but that’s both time-consuming and pricey. What’s the ideal solution? A do-it-yourself home manicure, of course!

Our tutorial will show you how to get a beautiful home manicure in four easy steps:
  • Step 1. Gathering Your Tools & Supplies
  • Step 2. Making Your Workspace Shine
  • Step 3. Preparing Your Nails
  • Step 4. Creating Your Artwork
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Kara Bell

Beauty Therapist, 5 Years Previous Salon Owner

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The passionate ex-salon owner behind We Heart Nails
We Heart Nails is a site dedicated to nail lovers across the globe. Built from scratch by one girl, Kara Bell, my goal is to give our readers only quality content. I’m a 32 year old former graduate in Beauty & Mobile Therapy, and have had first-hand experiencing running a nail salon for 5 years before transitioning into the role of a consultant. This website is an amalgamation of years of experience in the industry, combined with a devotion and passion that is second to none. I update this site regularly and love engaging with my audience. If you have any queries, questions, or otherwise just feel like having a conversation, then feel free to catch me on the live support chat. If I’m not online, head on over to the contact us page and I will get back in touch with you in good time.

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