What is the Brown Spot Under My Toenail?

Got Brown Spots Under Your Toenails? We’ll Tell You What It Is And How To Treat It

If you suddenly notice a brown spot under your toenail, you will be understandably concerned about the cause of it. In most cases, a brown spot is caused by injury or trauma to the toenail and is actually a bruise. If you have been involved in sports or you’ve hit your toe, this is probably the reason and in this case, the brown spot will eventually fade and disappear.

What Causes Fungal Infections?

Another possible cause of a brown spot is a fungal infection. These come in many different forms and although a yellow color and crumbling of the toenail is common, it can also be in the form of a brown spot. If the brown spot has been there for some time or it is generally causing you concern, it is important to seek advice from your doctor.

How to Treat Brown Spot on The Nail

Treatment for a brown spot on the nail will very much depend on the cause. If it is the result of an injury, it should disappear by itself; however if it’s due to a fungal infection, it may be worth using an antifungal treat or some home remedies.

What Are The First Signs of Melanoma?

In serious cases, brown spots can be a sign of melanoma, a type of skin cancer. Although this is rare, it’s something to be aware of. Signs of this are a brown dot or stripe that doesn’t go away, gets bigger, or there is darkening skin beside the nail. Melanomas can affect other parts of the body, so the treatment of this will depend on whether or not it has spread. The doctor will undertake tests to diagnose the brown spot and will then decide on a course of action. Other medical causes may include a vitamin deficiency, heart related problems and skin disease.

How to Prevent Brown Spots on Nails

It is important to take good care of your nails, in the same way you would with every other part of your body. You should never neglect your nails, but often toenails are the last things on our minds! Always ensure your nails are moisturized and clean. This avocado oil is one of our absolute favorites for improving nail condition!

Pure Cold Pressed Avocado Oil For Hair Skin Nails

A balanced diet and the right vitamins and minerals will also keep your nails healthy. Keep your toenails short but don’t cut too far into them as this could cause infection, and don’t be tempted to pick your toenails as this could cause you problems and a lot of pain!

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