What Do Healthy Toenails Look Like?

Our toenails are often covered up, so it is no wonder that we end up forgetting all about them! We take care of other parts of the body though, so we should be paying the same attention to our toenails. Nice, healthy toenails will be pink in color and free from infections.

What Are Unhealthy Nails?

Unhealthy nails may have lines or ridges, they may be an unusual color – black, brown or even green! They may be falling apart and could also have an unusual smell. Healthy nails should not want to leave you gasping for air when you give them a sniff.

How Do You Keep Your Toenails Healthy?

If you want to avoid nail fungus and infections, there are some methods of toenail care to keep them healthy. Clean your toenails and use a foot brush to help stimulate circulation in your feet. Moisturizing your toenails daily keeps both your skin and nails healthy and smooth. Be careful how you trim, too, as too short or too long a nail can lead to discomfort, infections, or allow fungus to develop

Is it Better to Wear Tight or Loose Shoes?

Ensure you always wear footwear which fits correctly and feels comfortable. Ingrowing toenails are common when wearing ill-fitting footwear. You should let your feet breathe, keep them cool, dry and comfortable, especially when you are at home. A regular foot massage will also help keep your toenails in good condition. Vitamins can also help keep your body in top condition, including your toenails! A daily multivitamin is highly recommended. This all natural multivitamin is a firm favorite!

When to See Your Physician

If you have complaints with your feet and they are unexplained, you should speak to your GP. If your feet are causing you pain, there is an infection which won’t heal or unexplained color on your nail, it may be worth a visit. The quicker you get the issue resolved, the less likely it will be to cause you any stress or worry.

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