Dip Your Toes in the Coolest Summer Toe Nail Designs in 2020!

There’s nothing like relaxing in the summer sun to make you feel luxurious and well rested. Cocktails beneath sunshades, lying back on warming golden sand, letting your toes see the light, and revel in it.

Toenail art always trends big in the summer, and the months leading up to it is the time to get your nails in shape, ready to show off. For most of the year, our toes are hidden away in shoes and boots, never appearing from one day to the next, or maybe that’s just mine? We generally take great care of our fingernails, making sure they are in tip top health, and looking super stylish at all times, but we tend to forget about those weird things at the end of our feet.

We all know the pain they go through stuffed into a tight pair of ultra sexy stilettos, or how moist they can get spending hours in cosy winter boots. But we do it anyway. However, our toes are important, after all, it would be pretty hard to walk if we didn’t have them, and we ought to keep on top of our toenail health all year round, not just when we’re anticipating the whole world seeing them.

Because they generally have a larger nail bed than fingernails, you can really go to town with toenail art, using bigger and bolder designs. The main thing to remember, though, is that there are going to be times, even in the heat of the summer, when our feet are covered, and as a result 3D nail art can make them uncomfortable, possibly even damaging your nails by being torn off. So it’s best to stick to the 2D look, but even without rhinestones and such, there are so many choices when it comes to designs.

Mermaid manicures have been trending every summer for the past few years, and there’s no sign of them slowing down. Created by using sequins over a pearlescent polish and giving a shimmery, mother-of-pearl effect, they are ideal for toes, especially when surrounded by sparkling water. It goes without saying that any little girl in your life (or me) would adore these, and coupled with a cute-as-pie toe-ring, they’ll look so super sweet!

Another fashion that’s becoming more popular is any variation on the ombre mani, such as glitter ombres, or the much demanded French fade design. These are ridiculously simple to achieve at home, requiring hardly any skills. With the space afforded by a larger nail bed, you can try out any deviation from the regular ombre – maybe combine it with the mermaid look, by using smaller sequins as the design fades away across your nail.

Style used to dictate that the polish on your fingernails should match that on your toes, but luckily this is no longer the case, leaving the way clear for nail art aficionados to go crazy with color. Pastels are always popular, but why not try neon, the season’s favorite copper or a sumptuously rich purple. Decorate with stickers – as long as you apply several layers of top coat, curing thoroughly in between, they’ll hold up to hours in the pool, or swimming in the sea.

Summer is the season for fun, laughter, bare-footed walks along the beach, and nights under the stars, and with your toenails manicured and ready for action, there’s nothing stopping you.

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