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Best UV Gel Nail Polish – Let your nails shine for weeks with the Top 5 UV Gel Nail Polish of January, 2019

Brighten up your day with these best selling UV gel nail polishes.

There’s a reason why UV gel manicures have become a modern beauty mainstay – they’re virtually indestructible, impossibly glossy, and offered at most nail salons.

Gone are the days when digging through your bag to check your phone ran the risk of chips, nothing can touch these babies. The UV gel grips on to the nail tighter than traditional polishes and that’s why they are so tough. But now you can do a professional job in the comfort of your own home.

Here are the best selling UV gels of January, 2019:

1) Gellen Gel Nail Polish Set

What Makes It Great

Arriving really quickly and beautifully packaged, these little bottles are a great selection of colors. These Gellen gel polishes went on so smoothly with a couple of strokes, and only took minutes under the lamp to cure. The colors are very on trend and everyone commented how good they looked. They lasted nearly three weeks of hard work, gardening, housework and fence painting without a chip or mark, looking just as good as the day I applied the polish.

Removal was quick and easy, and my nails looked great underneath.

I love the fact that they are eco friendly and non-toxic, too.

Where It Could Be Improved

The palest pink color needed a couple of coats, and the longetivity is good at around 2-weeks but it could chip if you use your nails in manual labor.

8.9Expert Score
The Final Verdict

This set is really pretty, the colors gorgeous, and the finish hard wearing and durable. Would make a perfect gift for a girlfriend.

Gellen Gel Nail Polish Set - Nude Gray Series 6 Colors Nail Art Gift Box, Soak Off UV LED Gel...

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Last update was on: September 13, 2018 9:36 am
$17.99 $27.99

2) AIMEILI Gel Nail Polish

What Makes It Great

This little packet arrived on time, and securely packaged. The instructions on the label are clear, and straightforward, so here goes. Both coats went on really well and took no time to cure to a rock hard, and highly shiny, finish. They kept that finish for over three weeks. I love that you can use other polishes in between the base and tops coats, like a polish sandwich. Doing this doesn’t affect the finish or durability and opens up a wealth of possibilities for colors and effects.

Where It Could Be Improved

Initially I couldn’t work out why it wasn’t curing properly, then I realized that you need to wipe over the case coat, not just the top. Once I figured that out, life was good.

9.1Expert Score
The Final Verdict

Words can’t express how glossy these are – mirror shine doesn’t cover it, and the almost 3D depth to the coats is amazing. It lasts for as long as 21-days. Very happy to recommend this little set.

AIMEILI Gel Nail Polish No Wipe Top and Base Coat Set Soak Off UV LED Gel Nail Lacquer - 2...

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Last update was on: September 13, 2018 9:48 am


3) Modelones Gel Nail Polish Set

What Makes It Great

This is a lovely, attractively boxed set of gel polishes. The bottles are small, but the colors are so pretty, especially the glitter ones. The smaller sized bottles means they aren’t hanging around and having time to go clumpy, but you only need a little bit for a good application. These Modelone polishes don’t smell, cure quickly and last nearly three weeks. The glitter gels are so pretty that I’m going to keep using them.

When it came time to remove it, the gel soaked off without leaving a trace, and my nails looked completely unharmed underneath. You get 8 x amazing colors in this packet, including 3 x shades of pink, which I love.

Where It Could Be Improved

My only complaint is that the set isn’t larger! Modelzone need to bring out a set with lots more colors included.

9.5Expert Score
The Final Verdict

With a good range of colors, easy application and great durability this is a super set of UV gels, and the box they come in makes it into a thoughtful gift for someone, or yourself!

Modelones Gel Nail Polish Set - 8 tiny bottles, Soak Off Gel Polish, Required UV LED Nail Light Lamp, 0.24...

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Last update was on: September 13, 2018 9:54 am
$15.99 $29.99


4) Lagunamoon Gel Nail Polish Set

What Makes It Great

This neat little gel base and top coat set arrived ahead of schedule and looks very professional. The user instructions are clear and concise, and the brush seems a good shape for creating nice, even strokes.

The first thing I noticed was the almost pleasant floral-like smell, not the usual eye-watering chemical odour we’re all familiar with. It went on very smoothly, and the curing time was minimal. A quick wipe over and I was done. Shiny, tough wearing and lasted over two weeks, despite my hands being in bleach, a children’s sand box, and more. Perfect!

Where It Could Be Improved

I ended up using more of the top coat than the base, so it would be handy to have larger bottles, and it’s not as glossy as some of the others I tried, but neither of these are a deal breaker for me.

9.9Expert Score
The Final Verdict

Lagunamoon have created an amazing set here – smooth and easy to apply, very long lasting and at a good price!

Lagunamoon Gel Nail Polish Soak Off UV LED Gel Base Coat and No Wipe Top Coat Gel Polish Set-8ml

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Last update was on: September 13, 2018 9:59 am
$8.99 $14.99


5) essie gel couture platinum grade finish top coat

What Makes It Great

I love the design of this bottle – it looks adorable on my dressing table, and I’m looking forward to trying it out. The essie 2 step system appears simple to follow, and the instruction include some tips for nail care too. This went on really nicely over a different brand of polish and cured to a rock hard shine. The colored polish acquired a gorgeous depth with this as a top coat and lasted nearly three weeks. I was able to remove it quickly leaving a perfect nail surface underneath.

Where It Could Be Improved

The bottle could be larger as you go through it quickly, other than that, nothing to pick up on!

9.3Expert Score
The Final Verdict

I was really happy with this UV gel top coat and will definitely be getting more. The depth it gives to a base of color is stunning, and everyone admired my beautiful nails!

essie gel couture platinum grade finish top coat, top coat, 0.46 fl. oz. (packaging may vary )

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