How to Successfully Remove SNS Nails – My Tried & Tested Methods

How to Remove SNS Nails at Home

Signature Nail Systems, or SNS, are a popular dip powder nail finish, considered to be healthier than shellac manicures, and with no lamp required to dry them, they also beat gel polishes in the health stakes. However, the real winner is their durability. With an average of four weeks before chips develop, or they start to lift, it’s no wonder that SNS nails are in huge demand.

Carrying out an SNS manicure follows a set process, which is easy to do at home with readily available SNS kits, and this is what gives the finish its high shine and longevity:

  • A gel base is applied
  • Followed by dipping the nails into a natural set powder
  • Another layer of gel base
  • More dipping, but this time into a gel-based powder
  • Add a layer of sealer
  • Tidy up with filing and brushing to remove the excess powder and debris
  • And finally, a layer or two of top coat

The fact they last so long, have an extensive color range and are very cost effective makes SNS nails a great choice, and my go-to manicure when I’m not testing products.

Removing SNS Nails

Fortunately, despite their longevity, an SNS manicure is relatively easy to remove at home, and most good quality nail polish removers can take of the layers effectively.

Once you’ve gently filed away the top coat (you don’t need to remove the whole layer, just enough to allow the remover to penetrate to the underneath layers), either soak your nails in a bowl of remover for 10 – 15 minutes, or soak a cotton pad in remover. Place the pad on your nail and wrap your finger tip in aluminum foil for the same length of time. The mani should just peel off, but do it gently, and don’t scrape it away or you risk damaging the nail bed.

Always apply a nail moisturizer afterwards to ensure your nails remain healthy – although you should do this at least once a day, every day anyway. Come on girls, you know this!

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