Feet First: How Often Should you have a Pedicure?

With hotter weather on its way, it’s time to ditch the shoes, and dig out the strappy sandals to show off those toes! But, if like mine, yours have been hiding all winter, they may not look their best. 

Pedicures are a therapeutic cosmetic foot and nail treatment that can be carried out at a salon, or DIY, and this time of year, they are very popular. 

What can I expect from a pedicure?

Surprisingly, a pedicure is not just beneficial to the appearance of your feet and toenails, but they provide health benefits too. Increasing blood circulation and improving joint mobility, combined with the destressing properties of a foot massage, means that a pedicure can be justified as a health treatment – awesome!  A pedicure can even improve your posture as walking correctly is easier with comfy, ache-free feet. 

Spotting and dealing with any potential nail problems, such as ingrown toenails, or fungal infections, is crucial for your comfort, health and the appearance of your toes, and regular moisturizing, clipping and trimming is necessary for all of us. 

What happens during a pedicure? 

Initially, your feet are soaked in warm water to soften the skin, making any calluses easy to remove, followed by an exfoliating rub, often using a loofah. This smooths away any rough or hard areas, leaving your feet feeling great. Next your cuticles and nails will be carefully trimmed and filed.

Depending on what you request, some salons offer seaweed wraps, or a soothing aromatherapy foot massage, and any treatment will be carried out now. Once this is completed, acrylic nails can be applied if you wish, followed by polish and nail art, if you desire. 

Because our toenails aren’t treated as harshly as our fingernails – unless you’re yoga-flexible you won’t be prying open jars with your toenails, pedicures can last much longer than manicures. If you’ve opted for polish, depending on the product chosen, it can last up to two months and still remain chip free – however, due to nail growth, you may need an infill of color by then. 

If you’ve decided to miss out on the polish, you won’t need another pedicure for up to three months. You may choose to have one sooner, though, especially if your job entails you standing all day, or you wear high heels regularly, as that feeling of relaxation and being pampered can work wonders on our sense of wellbeing.


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