Why do I Have Vertical Lines on my Nails? Here’s How to Fix Them!

The appearance of vertical lines (or ridges) may be concerning, especially if they seem to appear out of nowhere. Vertical lines, also known as longitudinal lines, are not usually a cause for worry, as often they are just a sign of aging or nail injury. If you have a physical job using your hands a lot, this could also be a reason for vertical lines on your hands. Aging is the most common cause, however, although there could be an underlying health condition. It’s worth getting this checked out, especially if you have other symptoms in addition to the vertical lines.

If in doubt, I always recommend you seek medical advice.

What is the Cause of Vertical Lines on Fingernails?

In more serious cases, vertical lines on fingernails may be caused by an underlying health issue. Some of the other known conditions which cause vertical lines on fingernails are eczema, which is a type of skin inflammation. You would generally have other symptoms if eczema is the cause, such as itchy patches of skin. Lichen planus, a common skin disease that may result in pink or purple spots on the skin, could also be the reason for the vertical lines. Arthritis and psoriasis are also on the causal list. If you are worried, visit your doctor, who will be able to undertake some tests to get to the root of it. However, keep in mind that according to some statistics, 20% of the human population experiences vertical ridges on their fingernails and that it usually isn’t a reason to be concerned.

Are There Home Remedies for the Vertical Lines on my Fingernails?

If there is no underlying reason for the vertical lines, but you are keen to get rid of them, there are some things you can do. Rubbing petroleum jelly on your nails to keep them smooth and moisturized can be a big help.

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Can I Still Have a Manicure If I Have Lines On My Nails?

You can gently buff and sand your nails to reduce the appearance of vertical lines. You may want to get your nails done professionally, as this will cover the lines. There are all kinds of nail designs to try out, including ombre nails. Nail art will cover the lines, while you try and treat the issue. It is important to find out the underlying issue though and not just assume that it is just aging or wear and tear. If there is an underlying issue, the doctor will be able to prescribe treatment, such as stronger creams or medication.

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