The Best Manicure Sets for Sale – Read our Top 5 Reviews of February, 2019

Jagged, untidy nails can bring down the best outfit, and with gorgeous, well cared for hands, your confidence can go through the roof. However, salon looks can come with a salon price tag.

Why not treat yourself to a home manicure set and have great looking nails every day?

When buying a manicure set, there are certain factors to consider before parting with your hard earned money.

Firstly you want a set that’s going to last and stainless steel is a good choice for an everyday set; it won’t rust and can retain a sharp edge on your clippers, not as sharp as carbon steel – but carbon steel will turn rusty orange very quickly in a damp bathroom.

If you wish to spend a bit more, or want to make a career out of nails, then high carbon stainless steel is the material for you – it doesn’t rust, remains factory sharp, and won’t bend or twist.

The kit should contain everything needed to shape and maintain your nails, and might include nail clippers, nails scissors, emery boards, cuticle nippers, tweezers and more.

Let’s take a look at the best performing manicure kits of February, 2019:

1) Sally Hansen Salon Pro Gel Starter Kit, Shell We Dance?

What Makes It Great

This nail polish kit looks great – salon style nails in the comfort of my own home, saving money, time and the option to indulge in a good film!

In this fashionable kit you get 10 x gel manicures that last up to 2-weeks (and more).

The LED light is easy to use, even with wet sticky nails, the colors are gorgeous and the applicator brush is short and precise.

Where It Could Be Improved

I loved this kit so much that my only wish is it came in more colors!

9.0Expert Score
The Final Verdict

I like this product – my nails look good, they set quickly, and okay, so I noticed a couple of chips after a week, but they are easy to just touch up, and no one would know! A great buy from a popular brand.

Sally Hansen Salon Pro Gel Starter Kit, Shell We Dance?

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Last update was on: August 3, 2018 7:39 am
$50.62 $55.99


2) 3 x Swords Ultimate Manicure Set

What Makes It Great

This European made manicure set is a beauty to behold! It arrived very neatly packaged, and I love the colour and soft-effect feel of these tools. It looks much more expensive than it is, and it wouldn’t be out of place in a professional salon.

In total you get: Cuticle scissors, nail scissors, nail nippers, cuticle nippers, tweezers, splinter tweezers, nail cleaner, a sapphire nail file (fine and coarse coating), a glass nail file, a nail clipper, a toe nail clipper…all enclosed in a beautiful, leather case.

The items are good quality, and the scissors in particular, are excellent.

Where It Could Be Improved

If you are buying this set for a young girl, I would remove the cuticle sticks as they are incredibly sharp! That’s about it as this manicure kit as stunning.

9.9Expert Score
The Final Verdict

It’s well made, a great price and does a brilliant job. Perfect for anyone looking for a touch of every day luxury.

3 Swords Germany - brand quality 12 piece manicure pedicure grooming kit set for professional finger & toe nail care...

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Last update was on: September 8, 2018 9:36 am


3) Royce Leather Aristo Mini Manicure Set

What Makes It Great

The quality of this manicure set is impressive. The leather case, which comes in a variety of colors, is well made and sturdy, and the tools themselves strong and look like they’ll last.

This chrome plated mini manicure set is a delight. You get hot-forged scissors, nail clippers, a nail file all in a cute purple leather case.

There is a lot to like about this kit, and I feel it would suit both women and men. It is the ideal size for travelling, and would easily survive being crammed into suitcase corners over and over again.

Where It Could Be Improved

My order lacked a pair of quality tweezers, other than that, perfect!

9.5Expert Score
The Final Verdict

The perfect gift for someone in your life, I will be buying several of these to give at Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, and more, and maybe, keeping one back just for me!

Royce Leather Aristo Mini Manicure Set (Plum)

Last update was on: August 3, 2018 7:42 am
$19.99 $24.99


4) FAMILIFE Luxury Manicure Set

What Makes It Great

I can’t believe that I’ve got so excited over a manicure set, but I have! This set is high end luxury at a great price!

It arrived carefully packed and with lots of protective covering. The case is well made, lined with felt, and has a stylish slide button latch – a great start.

Made from professional stainless steel, you get a big pack including: 3 x nail clippers, a nipper, scissors, a nail file, tweezers, cuticle cutters, a cuticle pusher, an ear pick and a dead skin fork.

Familife have thought of everything. The tools feel heavy and well constructed, the clippers sharp, and the wallet is a lovely touch.

Where It Could Be Improved

My only, very minor, issue is the lack of an under-the-nail cleaning tool for getting tough grime from deep under the nail.

9.7Expert Score
The Final Verdict

This manicure kit is all about quality, and would be perfectly placed both at home and in a salon. A winner.

FAMILIFE L05 Stainless Steel 11 In 1 Manicure Pedicure Set with Luxury Gift Box Gold Case Best Gift for Father

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Last update was on: August 3, 2018 7:43 am
$32.99 $199.99


5) UTILYZE Professional Electric Manicure Set

What Makes It Great

Wow! This is a super effective manicure too that really makes a difference. It took a little getting used to, but once I “nailed it”, it’s been nothing but a joy to use.

This high tech manicure kit comes with a touch control and 10-speed motor, which makes for perfect professional results. You get 7 x interchangeable sapphire coated attachments and an LED light that will let you treat corns and calluses, remove excess cuticles, file and buff nails.

This is fantastic kit comes with lots of options, and all you do is change the head and off you go, filing, buffing and polishing ‘til your heart’s content, using either left or right hand. Brilliant.

Where It Could Be Improved

Without any instructions, I had to experiment with which tip I used for each job.

9.1Expert Score
The Final Verdict

This is a brilliant manicure set/wand/tool kit that wouldn’t look out of place in a professional salon. It’s great value for money, well made and reliable – I will be using it again and again.

UTILYZE 10-in-1 Professional Electric Manicure & Pedicure Set, Powerful Nail Drill, 10-Speed System, Innovative Touch Control & More. File, Buff,...

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Last update was on: August 10, 2018 5:21 am
$54.99 $79.99


*BONUS #1* Azure Beauty Gel Polish Starter Kit

What I love about this kit, is that it gives you everything that you need for the perfect gel manicure. UV nail light, manicure tools, gels and even products to protect and nourish your nails and cuticles.

Azure Beauty Gel Polish Starter Kit with 24W LED UV Nail Dryer Curing Lamp Manicure Nail Tool

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Last update was on: August 10, 2018 3:00 am
$28.99 $48.99

If you don’t use a light, it’ll dry much, much slower, allowing you to add multiple coatings without having to rush things. Speaking of which, the coating is excellent; thick and vibrant. I’ve worn it for four straight days now, all while being busy with my hands (don’t ask), and it looks as good as the day I put it on. You can tell this is top-of-the line polish.

9.6Expert Score
The Final Verdict

I bought these over the weekend, and they’ve been fabulous. One thing I love is that the drying time is highly variable depending whether or not you use a light. If you do use a light, it’ll dry in no time.


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