Multichrome Nail Polishes – Kara Reveals the Most Outstanding Polish of the Year!

I’ve never apologized for my love of all things shiny and I’m not about to start now, so when I discovered multi-chrome polish I was in my element. Not only chrome, but MULTIchrome!

Jaw-droppingly gorgeous, I’m not lying when I say your nails could, almost literally, light up a party, distracting all conversation and catching everyone’s eye.

With every angle showing off a different color, the oil-on-water effect is superbly iridescent, and whatever color the polish is, a rainbow of complementary colors emerges as you move your hands.

This amazing range of colors is created by adding tiny flakes of mirror, metal, glass and pigment to a polish base, and gently mixing. As with most polishes, it requires a base coat to ensure durability, and depending on the tonal quality of the base, the multichromatic finish varies in appearance. A light colored base coat produces a rich, luxurious opalescent multichrome look, whereas a dark base gives the nail a deeply mysterious, almost decadently edgy effect.

How do you apply multichrome polish?

Fortunately the dazzling effects of multichrome polish belie the ease of application.

  • Trim, file and buff your nails. The buffing is important as it provides a slight key for the polish to adhere to.
  • Lightly wipe over with an acetone-based polish remover to take off any natural oils or filing debris
  • Add any nail extensions or false nails if required
  • Apply a base coat and dry thoroughly
  • Brush on a layer of whatever under color you chose. Light and dark colors both give differing final results
  • Make sure it’s completely cured
  • Carefully apply your multichrome polish
  • Allow time for the polish to dry all the way through
  • Add one or two top coats, curing in between. I usually apply two coats for extra durability.
  • Lightly wipe over with remover to take off any sticky residue.

Hit the town and party!

ILNP Cameo Multichrome Polish

What Makes it Great

After trying out many multichrome polishes, this one from ILNP is definitely my favorite. The color range is wild, all in one polish you’ll see Pink, Purple, Copper, Gold, and Green, and differing shades within each, giving you the most lavish party nails that ever existed. Easy to apply, it went on smoothly, and cured rapidly, so creating these magic effect nails took no time at all. With the double layer of top coat, my nails kept their awesomeness for nearly three weeks. I just needed more parties to attend!

Where it Could be Improved

As with most special effect polishes, I found the odor quite strong, but glamour and being this gorgeous has to have a down side, right?

9.8Expert Score
The Final Verdict

If you’re after eye popping, head turning nail polish that just keeps on surprising you, this is the one to go for! It’s completely awesome!

ILNP Cameo - Pink, Purple, Copper, Gold, Green Ultra Chrome Nail Polish

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