Tools of the Trade – What’s New in Professional Nail Supplies This Year?

Great Manicures Require Great Tools

Regardless of whether you’re starting up your own nail salon, or are reorganizing the cluttered cupboards and drawers of your existing business, making sure you have the right equipment and nail technician supplies will help keep your clients happy, you to stay organized, and ensure your salon runs like a well-oiled machine.

Both salons and home manicurists need certain tools and equipment that are the secret to a perfect manicure. So you need to ensure that when ordering, restocking or re-organizing your nail salon supplies, you don’t forget these. For shaping your nails, you will need: The best nail drill, nail scissors, nail clippers, cuticle nippers and nail files. On top of these essentials, I highly recommend:


Nail Glue

A decent quick drying, ultra strong nail glue is the cornerstone of acrylic manicures, and can make or break your salon’s reputation. After all, if a client’s nails ping off as soon as they leave your salon, it doesn’t reflect well on your skills as a manicurist.

Nail Polish Remover

A great polish remover is a must for any mani/pedi kit, and it’s a product that just isn’t worth skimping on. As the name suggests, the remover clears out the nail color from your nails, or the skin around the edges of your nails. This needs to be done before a fresh mani is applied, or afterwards to neaten up the final result.

Acrylic Nail Sets

Although you can purchase acrylic nail tips and acrylic nail kits at any regular department or beauty supply store, it’s an expensive way to stock up supplies, and usually they aren’t the professional quality you require. Many salon suppliers offer sets of nail tips of up to 500 in a variety of sizes and at a very cost effective price.

Nail Lamp

A UV or an LED lamp is required for drying, or curing, a gel manicure. Gel nail polish does not dry easily, so once the nail polish is applied your nails are exposed to these light rays to dry.

Nail Pens

Whilst not crucial, these handy tools can make intricate nail art designs possible, and much quicker than attempting to do them without a specialized tool.

Airbrush Nail Kit

Another piece of equipment that, while not required, will make you job that much easier, creating unusual designs that your clients will rave about.

Fibreglass Nail Wraps

Does your client have weak or brittle nails? With these fibreglass nail wraps, it won’t be a problem. This is the best hack around for strengthening the natural nail prior to a manicure.

These are all items that it pays to have several of, if possible, especially if you have other technicians working in your salon. That way you’ll never have any delays on creating beautiful manicures for your clients, and your reputation will spread far and wide. For a salon-worthy at home manicure, make sure to inform yourself on how to do a manicure and how to use all of these tools properly by clicking here.

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