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These 5 Nail Designs Are So Cute They’d Make The Devil Say “Awww!”

Women who are young or just young at heart can almost get away with anything, especially when it comes to nail designs. Being young just gives you the freedom to play with different colors, lines, and textures that older women can no longer enjoy. Therefore, make the most of it while you can with these 5 cute nail designs that you can experiment on to stay with the latest trend, to try out your new manicure table, or simply to express your own personality.

1. A Rainbow of Polka Dots


You have tried polka dot patterns and you have also coated your nails in alternating colors, but have you tried to mix these two designs? If not, then it might be time to try it. All you need for this are different shades of nail polishes and a dotting tool. Mix and match fancy colors together, and make sure you use a different combination for each nail. This would be a nice activity to do with your girlfriends on your next slumber party.


2. Adorable Strawberry Tips


Strawberries exude a sweet and feminine charm, making them perfect for teenage girls. They are very easy to make too. First, apply a coat of red nail polish, then with a dotting tool or a small brush, use a yellow nail polish for the seeds. Finally, draw stem-like patterns on the tip of the nails using a green polish. There you have it. Cute nail designs made of strawberries that every girl would love.


3. Refreshing Spring Garden


Since spring is almost here, cute nail designs made of flower gardens will surely be the upcoming trend. Here is one easy way to create a lovely spring pattern. Apply a pale purple color as a base on all your nails. Then, draw flower designs by connecting five dots in a circular pattern. Yellow or orange petals would stand out from the purple base. You can then add a red dot on the center to complete the flower.


4. Katniss-Inspired Braid


Katniss’ bravery in the Hunger Games Trilogy has made her the new hero among teenage girls. Hence, it is not surprising that her famous braids would find their way into nail art. As expected, you would need three different colors for this design. All you have to do is draw overlapping lines, as you would normally do when braiding your hair. The final effect of this design is amazing because aside from the three base colors, the overlapped areas will have a different hue too.


5. Rebellious Emo Punk


Being a lady doesn’t always have to mean that you have to be sweet, charming, and feminine. If your personality sits on the edgy side and emo punk music is your genre, then your nail design should follow suit. Without any argument, black defines your world, but this does not always have to be plain solid black. Try stripes of matte and glossy finishes to add some texture to your cute nail designs. You may even add a coat of silver glitter polish for that rebellious edge.

All of these designs would look great as a fresh, new manicure or even a pedicure! Far too many girls are ashamed of their feet, which just will not do. Whether it’s because they don’t like their toes or because of a painful bunion, an easy stylish pedicure could be just what they need to put their best foot forward.

Playing with different nail designs is a harmless hobby for teenagers. The best part is it also stimulates their creativity while giving them a venue for self-expression. So, go on and do not be afraid to experiment with various patterns, lines, and colors on your nail art while you are young.


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