Want an Eyecatching Manicure? With Square Acrylics it’s Simple!

The shape of your new acrylic nails isn’t dictated by anything other than what you like. Your natural nails can be as short as anything, and yet you can still sport the fiercest stiletto, the deadliest coffin or the coolest square very effectively.

Acrylic nails are designed to be trimmed to any shape, and as such are often pre-molded into long ballerina nails. The majority of designs stem from this base, so if you want square nails, it’s a simple matter of filing to size.

Square nails are bang on-trend this season, look great with any style and are easy to keep neat and tidy.  They particularly suit long fingers and wide nail beds, but really, anyone can carry them off. Square nails also provide a nicely shaped space to show off your super cool nail sticker art, or fun and funky nail stamps.

To create a square nail you’ll need:

Makartt have a great reputation amongst professional manicurists, and now they have started to bring their expertise to the DIY market. This set of acrylic nails contains over 500 nails of varying sizes, and is designed to be tough, easy to apply and reusable. Perfect for your square mani.

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  • Depending on the length you want your square acrylic nails to be, start by carefully trimming them down to size.
  • With a 240 grit nail file, start gently filing the edges, remembering to keep the free edge square. Try to only file in one direction as a back and forth movement can cause splitting (although this is more the case when filing natural nails).
  • Measure and shape against your own nails, taking note of which acrylic goes with each natural nail.
  • Check the back of your acrylic nails to make sure everything is straight and true.
  • Holding the file at an angle, file from underneath the corners, rounding them very slightly. You want them to look square, but not to be so sharp that they scratch.
  • Use a buffer just to buff out any imperfections.
  • Then it’s time to apply these mini works of art to your nail beds!

There you have it! Beautiful square acrylic nails and an eye-catching manicure! 

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