Why Are There Vertical Ridges On My Fingernails?

What Are the Vertical Ridges on Your Fingernails?

The appearance of our fingernails can change from time to time and for all kinds of reasons. Some people develop ridges in their fingernails and although these are usually vertical in appearance, they can also be horizontal. Vertical ridges are common and for the main part, these are usually harmless. However, if your ridges are horizontal there may be other underlying reasons for the issues.

Why do I have vertical ridges on my nails?

The most common reason for vertical ridges is aging. As our body ages, it doesn’t just cause wrinkles and grey hair, other parts of our bodies also suffer, and this includes the nail bed. A lack of moisture in the body can cause signs of aging and our nails may also take the hit too. Vertical ridges are usually visible from the tip of the nail to the bottom of the nail bed.

Iron deficiency anemia can also trigger vertical ridges and changes to your nails that make them concave, or spoon-shaped.

Why do I have horizontal ridges on my nails?

Deep horizontal ridges, called Beau’s lines, can be symptoms of some serious medical conditions, including kidney disease. If Beau’s lines develop on all of your nails, it could be a symptom of diabetes, or thyroid problems. I strongly advise you to seek medical advice if you develop horizontal lines on your fingernails. Find out more about this potential health issue here.

Home remedies for vertical ridges in my fingernails  

O’Keeffe’s Working Hands Hand Cream

I would recommend this moisturizer for keeping your nails in great condition. Specifically designed for skin, hair and nails, it contains glycerine for long-lasting moisture, and it provides a natural barrier to keep your nails healthy. You should see an improvement in your vertical ridges within a couple of weeks, but your skin will feel soft and supple immediately.

Nature Made Iron 65 mg

This is a great remedy if you feel you’re deficient in iron – a common cause of vertical ridges in fingernails. It’s thought that up to 10% of Americans have inadequate intakes of iron, and a lack of iron can make you feel lethargic and run down.

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