My Favorite Professional Manicure & Pedicure Bowls This Year – Find Out What Made The Cut

You Can Never Have Too Many!

Every manicurist needs at least two or three dedicated manicure bowls. For the sake of hygiene and professionalism, no, you can’t just use a cereal bowl, or as my friend did once, the dog’s water bowl (I hasten to add – the dog got a nice new bowl)!

Manicure bowls are used for soaking and softening skin and nails prior to a manicure, and also, more importantly, to make it quicker to apply nail polish remover. They have to be acetone proof otherwise the harsh chemical could damage the surface of the bowl, reducing its ability to be sterilized correctly. Most are designed with a rest for your hand, allowing just the fingertips and nails to soak.

They aren’t an expensive addition to your salon equipment, but will demonstrate a level of care and attention to detail that clients find important.

1) Beauticom Manicure Bowl

What Makes It Great

This one piece manicure bowl by Beauticom is robustly made and acetone resistant. Pink and girlie, it has a nicely molded hand rest which allows you to just soak the tips of your fingers. Doing all five nails at once really saves time and this bowl has survived perfectly having acetone sitting in it for several hours. In fact, for a salon, you could have two and soak both your client’s nails at the same time!

Where It Could Be Improved

Not every girl is a fan of pink; can we have some more colors please, Beauticom?

9.0Expert Score
The Final Verdict

Comfortable to use, and does exactly what it’s meant to - awesome!

Professional Acetone Resistant Soak Off Warm Nail Spa Bowl Manicure Tool J0475-1 (Pink) by Beauticom

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2) KADS Manicure Bowl

What Makes It Great

This little bowl is wonderfully stable with no risk of spillages. Use it to soak cuticles, hard skin, or for removing nail polish. Acetone proof, well designed and just the right shade of pink to be interesting, it would look great in a modern, professional salon. Molded with a five finger well, it’s very comfortable to just rest your hand and let the remover do its thing.

Where It Could be Improved

If the well were a little larger, this would be great for sterilizing my tools.

9.7Expert Score
The Final Verdict

Whether you own a salon, or are a DIY nail enthusiast, this little bowl is an excellent addition to your kit.

KADS 1pc Pink Nail Art Hand Wash Remover Soak Bowl DIY Salon Glitter Nail Spa Bath Treatment Hand Resurrection Care...

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3) Hacloser Manicure Bowl

What Makes It Great
Available in a wide choice of colors, this professional grade, chemical proof, mani bowl has a built in hanging hook; this means that you can hang it from your mani table until it’s needed, saving valuable space. Stable and untippable, with a smoothly comfortable hand rest, it’s great for nail polish, or gel nail, removal, or for sterilizing your smaller tools.

Where It Could Be Improved

Such a simple design that works – it needs no improvement!

9.3Expert Score
The Final Verdict

Budget friendly, thoughtfully designed, and very easy to use!

Hacloser Soak Bowl for Nails, Soak off Gel Remover Bowl Manicure Nail Art Gel Remover Tool, Hand Spa Bath Tray,...

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