French vs American Manicure – Classic vs Modern Designs

French vs American Manicure

“I’m gonna get a French tip!”

How many times have you heard this line, not knowing what it means?

The French Tip

However, once you see a French nail done, you will find one that is stark white, with the white usually being just a sliver that has a pink base to compliment it. The idea of this classic French tip or French nail has changed however. Today’s French manicures or, as we said, French nails, now come in a whole host of styles, ranging from the classic ‘French tip’ or ‘LA tip’ to bold colors and geometric lines. Because of this, since its probable inception from its supposed creator Max Factor, French manicure will never go out style.

The American Tip

On the other hand, in contrast with the French manicure’s dependence on stark white to give that classic feel, American manicure gravitate towards creamier, natural colors. Basically, the more popular American manicure sets are the acrylic ones, which is a mixture of liquid and powder that work with longer nails, giving an even more organic and natural look. The aim of American manicure or American tips is to give that shiny, creamier base with that more neutral tip.

And just like the variations for your French tip, there are also captivating variations for the American tip. This YouTube on American Manicure Color Powder, Ombré Coffin Nail Shape shows just that:

In all, both French and American manicures begin with a clear pink color at the base, followed by a neutral or off-white varnish, and an upside-down V-shape for the perfect finish. Be it American mani or French mani, in the end, we all want to get that really nice and precise line at the tip of our finger nails. Here’s another YouTube clip on how to perfect the French manicure line:

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