Worried About Holes In Your Nails? I Can Help

How to Fill Nail Holes

Sometimes no matter how well we look after our nails, they develop problems and holes, or nail pitting can be one. These can often be a sign of an underlying issue which needs to be dealt with.

What causes holes in the nail bed?

Often damaged nails can be caused by incorrectly removing nail varnish. If not carried out with patience and care, there’s no need to suffer damaged nails, and they should look perfect when you’ve finished.

A diet that is deficient in certain nutrients can also result in poor nail health. Peeling, brittle nails can easily develop unsightly and sensitive holes; in severe cases these can lead to a nasty infection, so it’s important to look to improving your diet if your nails appear unhealthy.

A more serious, but far less common, cause of nail bed holes is psoriasis. This skin condition leads to dry, sore and inflamed skin and can manifest in nail pitting, resulting in thimble-like indentations across the nail. Sometimes these develop into actual holes. If you feel this is the underlying cause in your case, it’s important to seek medical advice.

How to fix holes in your nails

It’s not recommended to fill any holes in your natural nail until you have identified the cause. However, while the nail grows out, the hole can be filled and smoothed over, and treated as normal. It’s also a great idea to treat your nails to a paraffin manicure in between manicures to increase the moisture levels and speed up recovery.

You’ll need:

  • Nail files
  • Disinfectant
  • Cotton pad
  • Nail filler

The method:

  1. Gently file around the hole, smoothing the edges
  2. With the corner of a cotton pad soaked in disinfectant, wipe over the nail, allows the liquid to seep into the hole
  3. Allow to air dry completely
  4. Using nail filler, apply a thin layer across your whole nail and allow to set
  5. You may need to repeat this until the hole is unnoticeable. Allow each layer to dry thoroughly before adding the next thin coat.
  6. Once you’re happy with the surface, you can apply a base coat and polish as normal
  7. Remember to leave time in between manicures for your nail to breathe – at least 2-3 days is recommended

To maintain healthy nails going forward, here are some useful hints and tips.

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