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Prep & Finish Your Nails With My Favorite Top And Base Coats Of 2020

How To Set The Foundation for A Lasting Gel Manicure

Have you ever wondered why, when you visit the salon, your manicurist uses a base coat nail polish, then your chosen color, and then a top coat or two? And why we do the same with a DIY mani? Isn’t this overkill?

Well, not if you want long lasting, awesome looking nails, it isn’t!

What is a base coat?

A base coat is an essential step in all the best manicures. It stops your nails being affected by the colored polish – some can leave a hard-to-shift stain on your nail bed.

More than that, though, think of a base coat as double-sided sticky tape. It forms a secure bond with your natural nails, and provides a receptive layer for your polish, preventing that dreaded chipping and cracking.

Many people try and take the shortcut of skipping the base coat application, only to regret that decision later when their polish develops chips.

What is a top coat?

This is the final stage in your manicure, and provides a high gloss, or matte, finish. Many brands often help the polish dry faster, too. But more importantly, the clear top coat creates a barrier between the surfaces of your nail and anything that can cause chipping and breaking.

What are the ingredients?

Both base and top coats contain solvents which carry the other chemicals. These other chemicals are dissolved into the solvents. Once the coats are applied to the nail, the solvents evaporate, leaving the chemicals to do their jobs, such as increasing nail strength. It’s the solvents evaporating that give polish that distinctive odor. Common nail product solvents are ethyl and butyl acetate.

Base coats also have plasticizers in to increase flexibility. This ensures that the base coat can flex with your natural nail without cracking. They also contain cellulose which provides the double-sided sticky tape effect. Top coats, with their ability to dry quickly and provide a tough outer surface, contain nitrocellulose, but also cellulose chemicals for added shine and plasticizers for flexibility.

For those of you who are a bit more science-savvy, you may look into the “secret” ingredient list of top and base coats that make them work their magic.

How to Achieve a Professional Manicure at Home

  • Clip and file your nails
  • Use polish remover or rubbing alcohol to remove any grease or moisturizer
  • Apply a thin, even base coat to each nail
  • Cure thoroughly
  • Apply two even coats of color
  • Cure thoroughly in between each coat
  • Apply one or two top coats
  • Cure thoroughly in between each coat
  • Admire your manicure!

My favorite top and base coat set just happens to be a best-seller, and here’s why:

Beetles No Wipe Gel Top Coat and Base Coat Set

What Makes It Great

These two bottle of magic are awesome. Bigger than the average bottle of polish, they contain no harsh ingredients that could lead to damaged nails. In fact, my nails feel better and more nourished after using them. They keep my nails chip free for at least three weeks, and have the flexibility and durability to cope with everyday life. Being gel based, both coats need curing to dry properly, but I have used these products on natural nails, acrylic nails, artificial nails and more with great success.

Where It Could Be Improved

Both the base and top coat need slightly longer to cure than the recommended times. I found that adding an extra 10-20 seconds for each coat worked perfectly.

9.8Expert Score
The Final Verdict

This set from Beetles is impressively durable and tough, yet comfortably flexible. I would never be without it in my manicure kit, and love giving it as gifts to all my friends. It’s just perfect!

Beetles 2 Pcs 15ml No Wipe Gel Top Coat and Base Coat Set - Shine Finish and Long Lasting, Soak...

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