Tipping for a Pedicure – You Won’t Believe What it’s Worth!

How Much to Tip for a Pedicure 

Tipping for services can be quite a divisive topic with ‘should show your appreciation’ vying with ‘you pay for a service, and that’s that’ for top position; however etiquette and consideration, in my opinion anyway, should win out.

Tipping isn’t mandatory in the US, but is customary at many places, especially sit-down restaurants, where the waiting staff has to work hard attending to your table. In the majority of these establishments, the staff depends on tips for much of their wages. Generally, the average tip is 15 – 20% of the price of the meal. It should be noted, however, that some places add a set tip to the bill and the customer is expected to pay this without complaint.

Carry-out eateries, coffee shops and so on, often have tip jars placed near the paypoint, and people who want to leave a gratuity drop in their change.

Satisfied clients also leave tips for other services, such as parking valets at hotels, bartenders and taxi drivers, and although it isn’t expected, it’s nice to show your appreciation for a good job well done.

Personal service providers, such as hair stylists, beauticians, spa staff or even tattoo artists should be given a gratuity, too, and for juniors, especially, the tips they receive will help bulk out their wages. As with restaurants, there isn’t a hard and fast rule, however, a very rough guide is that it should reflect the amount of care and attention given by staff, and be a percentage of the total bill:

  • 10% signifies that you’re not completely satisfied with the service. To let it be known that this low tip was a deliberate move, neatly placing 2 pennies side by side on top of any bills alerts the server to your disgruntlement. If you really resent leaving any tip at all, still leave the two pennies to show your intentions.
  • 15% demonstrates that you consider the service acceptable
  • 20+% the service was impeccable, and you couldn’t find fault with it.
  • 15-20% is the standard amount paid.

This guide also applies to manicurists and pedicurists. Although the majority are, or should be qualified, to treat clients, and their wages probably reflect that, there will be business overheads, time-consuming treatments, and equipment that take up a large proportion of the salon’s income. Necessary expenses, such as specialized pedicure chairs, time-consuming acrylic toenails, or treating any toenail issues, will all be helped by a healthy tip jar.

If you are a regular client, tipping can be even more important for customer relations and can lead to even better service next time, fitting you in for an emergency appointment or maybe not charging for a last minute cancellation. Plus it’ll give you a warm glow knowing that whilst they’ve made you happy, you’ve given them something to smile about, too.

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