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Nail clippers are a crucial tool in your manicure set, necessary for encouraging healthy nail growth and keeping nails looking immaculate. However many people think any old clippers, used in any old way will do. Unfortunately, using poor quality clippers or the wrong technique can lead to nasty ridges, unsightly peeling and painful splitting.

A pair of nail clippers is made up of two metal strips, each with a sharp blade on the end, facing each other. A third strip acts as a lever that pushes the blades together to clip your nails. So, when not in use, the blades are open. Some clippers come with a small, foldaway metal file attached, or a tool for cleaning under the nails.

There are a few simple rules to follow when clipping your nails:

  • Leave nails extending a bit over the nail bed, and don’t cut too closely. Too short and you can cause soreness or painful ingrowing nails. If you need to cut down your nails from a longer length, use the best nail scissors you can get prior to applying the clippers.
  • Keep your clippers sharp, and if they don’t cut the nail first time, don’t try and pull the nail off
  • To prevent painful nail breakage cut straight across in steps, start from one the side of the nail and continue clipping in one direction until you reach the other side of the nail.
  • When trimming hangnails, don’t pull the nail or skin (ouch). If the clippers are not cutting as fast or as well as you’d like, try sharpening them.
  • Finally, don’t cut your cuticles! Use a specialized cuticle nipper on this sensitive area of skin.

Cleaning your nail clippers is important to maintain good nail health. Once used, before you put them away, wipe them over with disinfectant.

Look after your nail clippers, use them well and they’ll look after your nails. Have a look through my reviews of the best selling nail clippers before buying just any old pair!


1) Harperton Finger and Toe Nail Clipper Set

What Makes It Great

Harperton have designed a solidly made, hard wearing set of clippers and integrated nail file. Ergonomic and very comfortable to hold and use, these are so sharp that they just snipped effortlessly through my nails, leaving them smooth-edged enough not to require filing.

Where It Could Be Improved

They are a little bit pricey, but I feel the quality and lifetime replacement guarantee make them well worth the spend.

9.6Expert Score
The Final Verdict

For effortless nail cutting this set is just what you need - high quality, comfortable to hold and accompanied by a great little fold-away nail file. What’s not to love?

Harperton Nail Clipper Set - Fingernail and Toenail Clipper

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Last update was on: April 5, 2020 6:05 pm
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$13.88 $39.99


2) BESTOPE Finger and Toe Nail Clippers Set

What Makes It Great

Made from robust and hygienic stainless steel, these clippers take no effort to use, cutting cleanly, and leaving no jagged edges.The blades are curved, resulting in a neat, rounded cut that needs no trimming or tidying.

The clippers themselves are ergonomically designed, include an anti slip lever which works really well, and a ring to hang them from your keyring, if you wish.

Where It Could Be Improved

If these included a nail file, they would be getting 10/10.

9.4Expert Score
The Final Verdict

If you’re looking for a great set of clippers, Bestope have made one. Tough, effective and budget friendly, these are just perfect!

BESTOPE Nail Clippers Set Fingernail & Toenail Clipper Cutter, 2PCS Stainless Steel Sharp Sturdy trimmer set for Men & Women

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3) Seki Edge Stainless Steel Fingernail Clipper

What Makes It Great

Made from professional grade steel, this little pair of clippers is designed to never need sharpening, and as far as nail clippers go, they look pretty stylish. Producing precise, clean cuts took no effort whatsoever, and they were really very comfortable to hold. I like this pair of clippers a lot.

Where It Could Be Improved

Seki Edge, please include a nail file next time, not that I needed to file after using these, but it would have been a thoughtful touch.

9.9Expert Score
The Final Verdict

Robust, clean cutting and stylish - this is an awesome pair of nail clippers.

Seki Edge Stainless Steel Fingernail Clipper (SS-106)

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Last update was on: April 5, 2020 8:05 pm
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