How to Achieve Silky, Smooth Polish – Getting Rid of Bubbles

Why Does My Nail Polish Bubble

Clearly, you want your nail polish to be done properly for the simple reason that you want your nails to look awesome! Having a gorgeous manicure has long been seen as a symbol of taste, status and wealth, and you, quite rightly, want to join the gang, so a rough finish, full of bubbles is not the look you’re after.

There are several reasons why your polish develops bubbles, and by avoiding these, you’ll end up with super sleek, super shiny – unless you’re after smooth-as-silk matte nails.

Avoiding Those Bubbles

Preventing Bubbles in the Bottle

If your polish has separated and needs a little help to mix, never shake the bottle, however gently. This creates tiny bubbles throughout that will show up when you apply it to your nails. Instead roll the bottle between your palms. This not only warms the liquid, but elimnates the bubble risk too.

If your polish is too gloopy or needs reviving, add a drop or two of polish remover, and again, roll the bottle gently to mix thoroughly.


Apply more thinner coats, then one or two thicker ones. This prevents bubbles forming as the polish dries, and a thinner layer means a shorter drying time.

Healthy Nails

It goes without saying that the smoother your nail bed, the smoother the polish surface will be, so never neglect nail health – moisturize twice daily, eat a nutritionally balanced diet, and wear gloves if your doing chores that involve harsh chemicals, or nail damaging actions.

Drying Time

If base coats are not cured for the correct length of time, bubbles will form as the air tries to escape. It’s always best to allow your nails to cure for longer than you think is necessary. One minute could be stretched to one and a half, or even two. Think about it – as far as polish goes, your nails can never be too dry.

5 Amazing Nail Drying Hacks

If patience is not your strong point, there’s some great hacks to hasten drying time – Tip 3 is awesome, and really works!

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