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Gel Nail Polish Kits

Gel Nail Polish Kits

What’s up, everyone? It’s Cute Casey once again, coming back with another one of my small rants you all know and love!

What’s the best bang-for-your-buck gel nail polish kit I’ve found? That would be the Gelish Complete Starter Kit.

Why do I love it? In the words of some guy named Shakespeare, “let me count the ways.”

First, a quick negative: I couldn’t find Instructions with my kit. Bummer. The good news is, if you run into the same problem, you can always use the web to find them, which is what I did.

On to the good stuff…

This kit comes fully-equipped. There are 2 regular0sized which are June Bride and Gossip Girl. It also comes with mini bottles that you’ll just love. The Gelish starter Kit LED light is the same as the Starter Kit Pro 45. This Kit is going for $93.00 new.

Surprisingly, the gel lasted on my nails for 22 days and I used IBD colors making it effective with the Gelish Foundation and the Top It Off. When applying the gel make sure not to get it every any part of the cuticles. This will cut the life span and you will begin to see peeling.

Make sure not to soak your hand in the water when removing. Using a heat gel pack with your nails along cotton pads will make easy to remove the gel from your hands. When you put the remover on make sure to use a piece of tin foil and wrap your nail with it. Leave this on no longer than 15 minutes.

The polish will definitely last you at least a week and half and doesn’t contain any phthalate or formaldehyde. It will give you a shiny smooth looking surface. Applying the polish wasn’t that messy slightly troublesome not maybe great for a beginner.

When applying the foundation make sure you do it in really thin coats and make sure I wont touch the skin. Cure each time u apply an layer of polish. The light is small so don’t expect to get that thumb in there. You’ll have to do another session of drying.

You only need to keep it under the light for about 45 seconds for each coat. Make sure not to miss a step or it can start chipping away really quickly. Also any excess polish won’t be go and harden on skin prior to putting it under the LED lamp.

If you’re looking for a long lasting look, then this gel nail polish kit will make your money’s worth along with saving costs to weekly trips to the salon.


On that note, I just want to say how excited I am about the SHANY Cosmetics Gel Polish. IT’s a set of 24 UV color gel which also comes with Powder Acrylic UV Gel – Glitter Frenzy –

Just be Warned this is not a beginners product, so I would re-consider If you’re only starting out.

The glitter comes in small, medium and large and also a mixed. If you got yourself a gel nail polish kit along with it you’re fully loaded. Comes with ml bottle that will last you quite a while.

If you love to shine your nails with glitters then this is just right for you. It doesn’t come with any solid colors. But the wide range of colors are more than enough to satisfy my expectations. It doesn’t come with any solid colors. But the wide range of colors are more than enough to satisfy my expectations and perhaps yours.

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Just an average girl who loves nails. I help nail salon owners create great experiences for their customers. I also have a weird addiction to bananas, but it's probably best we not get into that.

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