How Do I Get Rid of White Marks on my Toenails?

White Marks On Your Toenails: What Are They And How To Get Rid Of Them

It is quite common to get white marks on your toenails from time to time, but it is worth exploring the reasons behind them. If the white marks are down to an injury, they will usually clear up by themselves, without any need to do anything. However, there could be many other causes of white marks on the toenails. A fungal infection could be the cause of the white marks or even an allergic reaction to a particular kind of nail polish. A vitamin deficiency can also cause white marks on your toenails. In more serious cases, it could be heart, liver or kidney disease.

Home Remedies for White Spots on Toenails

The treatment for white spots on toenails will depend on the cause of the condition. If it is simply down to an injury, it will probably clear up on its own, but you might want to give it a helping hand by keeping the area cool and ensuring you wear appropriate, comfortable footwear.

How Can I Strengthen my Nails?

If it is down to a lack of vitamins and nutrients, it would be a good idea to consider changing your diet and introducing some multivitamins.

Take care with your toenails. Make sure you keep them short but without cutting too far. We adore these nail clippers for keeping your nails in great shape.

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Applying a moisturizer should also help. If the white spots are caused by something more serious, the doctor will be able to recommend appropriate medication.

How Long Does It Take for White Spots on Nails to Go Away?

The length of time it takes for white spots to clear up depends on the underlying cause. Injuries to the nails can take up to three months to clear up. If the toenail ends up coming off, it may take over a year for the regrowth. If there is another reason for the white spots, it will depend on the type of medication you take and how long it takes for it to take effect. Everybody is different in terms of how long it takes to heal, so it really depends on your body and how it reacts to the medication.

How to Prevent White Spots on Nails

A healthy diet, full of fruit and vegetables will help keep your nails healthy, as will hydration and keeping your feet comfortable in appropriate, well fitting footwear. Regular use of moisturizer on your nails and being careful to avoid injury will also help. Make sure you remove your nail varnish regularly and give your feet time to breathe before you re-apply fresh coats.

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