Keeping your nails healthy

We all want to have beautiful nails that are thick and strong but as we go about our daily routine and live our busy lives, our nails get exposed to potentially damaging situations. Growing your nails begins with improving daily habits. Read our best novel beauty tips for keeping your nails healthy, strong and free from damage:

Soak Your Nails

Soaking your nails helps keep them strong and hydrated, and it can be pretty relaxing too. There are various oils that you can use for this purpose: castor, tee tree, vitamin E, argan and coconut oils work a treat. Just soak each hand in a bowl for approximately ten minutes – if you soak them one at a time, you can eat some popcorn with the other hand while you watch a chick flick: voila, fun Friday night in.

Leave longer between manicures

Using nail polish remover too often can lead to dried-out nails, so it’s better to increase the length of time between manicures so your nails don’t become too overexposed to nail polish remover. Use a hydrating base coat and push your cuticles back, and follow up with an additional application of top coat every couple of days, to make your mani last longer.

Short nails

If your nails weaken and break as they grow longer, it may be worth keeping them short – they won’t get accidentally broken, and they can still look cute. The shorter your nails, there’s less surface area that is exposed to harsh products and water.

Don’t use your nails as tools

The nail tip is vulnerable to damage even when performing the lightest tasks like peeling off a sticker or opening a can of soda, so you should definitely avoid using your nails as tools to pinch things, grab things and break things.

Gloves are a girl’s best friend

Protect your nails (and hands!) while washing the dishes, cleaning the house and gardening. Don’t expose your hands to harsh detergents and chemicals, and try not to have them submerged in water for long periods of time.

Water: all day every day

Keep sipping water all day long – this helps keep your nails, hair and skin in the best condition they can be in and keeps you in general good health, as does balancing your diet. Water, and the amount you drink, has a direct bearing on the condition of your nails and cuticles.

Apply hand cream & cuticle oil

Keeping your hands and nails moisturized is so important when it comes to keeping your nails strong – it helps to prevent nail peeling and cuticle picking. And ladies, be careful with it comes to cutting or picking your cuticles: in addition to being painful, it lets in bacteria. You can use cuticle oil to moisturize them and help keep them soft as you push them back gently.

Stay away from alcohol-based hand sanitizer

Alcohol-based hand sanitizer is known to wreak havoc on your nails – opt for an alcohol-free one, or stick to rinsing your hands with warm soapy water followed by using the cuticle oil or hand cream we talked about earlier.

Stick with these tips and your nails should be strong and healthy for as long as you live!

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