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The Importance of Healthy Nails

You may not think it, but our nails serve a multitude of purposes. They are an important part
of our body’s overall functioning.

Our nails play an integral part in diagnosing health conditions and ailments. For example, psoriasis can be detected through the indication of tiny spots or small pits on the nails. Other signs of serious health conditions are red lunulas, a pair of white lines, spoon nails and clubbing.

The hard substance that constitutes a nail is known as Keratin. Meanwhile the nail itself is made up of a number of parts. They are the hyponychium, perionychium, cuticle, nail plate, nail bed and root each of which serves a specific function.

For example, the cuticle or eponychium serves as a protective cover that prevents bacteria from penetrating the region between the skin and the nail. Most people view this area as that part of the skin where ingrown nails and hangnails are seen. As such, the nail is a very important and integral part of the skin.

Well-kept nails are an important part of our grooming process, be it acrylic or simply painted. This has spawned the design and creation of thousands of nail accessories, nail grooming equipment and treatments. In fact many of us accumulate so many accessories and nail products over time that we need special nail racks to organize them, follow this link for an example.

Some of the most popular nail equipment today are manicure stations. Thanks to advances in technology, manicure tables have become much more portable allowing you to create a nail salon experience right at home. See here for examples of top end manicure tables on sale today.

We Heart Nails

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