Glam Throwback: 2015’s Top Nail Icons

Yoko Ono

Glamour Award for Outstanding Contribution – Yoko Ono


And the award for the best nail inspiration goes to…

Glamour magazine has long been a leading name in all things fashion, beauty and entertainment. That is why their Glamour Awards are such a big deal.

Not only do the awards highlight and recognise the top achievers of each year, but they also show us the leaders of the pack when it comes to style and inspiration.

Half a decade ago, the winners of the Glamour Awards 2010 were leading the way in the world of fashion, entertainment and philanthropy. Five years on – yes, one whole half a decade – we can still learn so much from these stylish ladies.

Of course, our passion is nails, so it makes sense that the inspiration we draw from these icons comes in manicure form. That’s why we have put together our top three winners from 2010, with some ideas as to how you can translate their style to suit your mani.

Read on to see who we would award as the top nail stars of 2010.

Glamour Award for Radio Personality – Fearne Cotton

In 2010, this award was given to someone who can only be described as a British institution; radio presenter and TV personality, Fearne Cotton. Fearne also won the award in 2009 and has gone on to win it every year since.

Edgy, funny and very fashion-forward, Fearne is a definite inspiration when it comes to style of every kind. So how can you recreate and rework our favourite presenter’s fashion know-how for your nails?

Well, you can channel her rockier side with smooth black nails, which make a statement but go with everything; for a twist, try black matte polish. You could also take inspiration from her many tattoos and opt for a more intricate design on your nails, achieved either by using a stencil or by braving freehand. Of course, there’s also the option to go fun and flirty with ice cream shades, a la Fearne’s retro-chic streak.

Glamour Award for Fashion Designer – Isabel Marant

This French fashion house is a name to be reckoned with. The namesake of designer Isabel Marant, this label is most popular among celebs for its ability to update the classics, and for its shoes. There are different elements at play in the designs, including androgyny, bohemianism and an undisputable sense of being chic.

A quick look at Isabel Marant’s Instagram and you see a wave of edgy twists on classic styles, monochrome statements and playful patterns to experiment with. And all of these influences make for lots of fun when it comes to doing your nails the Marant way.


You can challenge yourself and try to recreate the different (often retro-inspired) patterns, using different colours and the right tools (sometimes these tools can be as simple as a cocktail stick for detail and a cotton bud for dabbing). You can also put your own twist on classic nail styles; how about a French manicure with a coloured tip, or a black nail and the classic white tip? Experiment to your heart’s content…fashion is more fun that way.

Glamour Award for Accessories Designer – Emma Hill

Formerly the poster girl for Mulberry’s success in accessory design, Emma Hill has become a defining feature of British fashion. Her designs never fail to hit the spot and she has a knack for keeping things chic, classic and ever-so-British.


Using iconic shapes like the satchel and tote, Hill mixes things up with textures like suede and plenty of different patterns. You get a sense that her accessories are pretty but practical, in a stylish and grown up way.

For nails, draw inspiration from this very British motif. Think about tartan and paisley patterns, which will take time, but look amazing. And if you want to keep things a little more subtle, keep your nails plain or two-tone, and use classic country colours (think tweed tones and natural palettes).

Glamour Award for Outstanding Contribution – Yoko Ono

The 2010 Glamour Award for Outstanding Contribution went to none other than Yoko Ono for her contributions to music, film, poetry and performance, as well as her work as a peace activist. Yes, Yoko Ono is one incredibly inspiring individual.


Add to this phenomenal career her marriage to Beatles legend John Lennon and it is easy to see why she has become a cultural institution in her own right. What’s more is that she is also a style icon and has been for decades.


A combination of casual hippie and city chic, her style is unique and eye-catching. She is an advocate of black and white, very rarely sporting anything else. Sixties glamour also plays a role in her fashion choices, with swinging shapes and feature pieces like buckles, belts and buttons making more than a few appearances. Floral and oriental patterns have also been somewhat of a staple.


For nails, this opens up a retro route, as well as a more delicate option. You can go bold with sixties-inspired monochrome, jewel colours and even abstract patterns (chevrons in bright and bold shades are always popular). Alternatively, you can use golds and silvers to add floral or oriental patterns to otherwise plain black and navy nails.

Glamour Award for Woman of the Year – Cheryl Cole

This giant pop star and TV personality is one of Britain’s best-known celebrities. She is also one of its busiest. Cheryl has been the “nice” mentor in TV talent shows, made her mark in fashion and beauty, and enjoyed a successful music career, both as part of Girls Aloud and as a solo artist.


All this, and her success as a role model, led to Cheryl Cole being awarded the Glamour Award for Woman of the Year in 2010 (award designed and manufactured by British-based EFX Awards). Another accolade she has earned though is that of fashion icon and style inspiration.


When it comes to style, Cheryl embodies everything glamourous. Seemingly always red-carpet-ready, she manages to look flawless just as easily on her days off as she does floating down the red carpet in a sparkly dress or bold gown.


For red-carpet-ready nails of your own, try crimson or a similar shade for a real statement. Alternatively, mix things up with gold and glittery polish, and perhaps a few embellishments to boot. Of course, if it’s low-key Cheryl you want, opt for the classic French manicure instead.


And there you have your nail inspiration – Glamour Awards style!

So party like it’s 2010 and get those nails looking gorgeous and glam!

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