The Ultimate Gel Nail Kit for sale – Casey Reveals all!

Hey girls and guys, it’s your girl Casey, and what a wild weekend! My friend Jeanne came to visit me in the city and we checked out Pacha for the night. The floor was on fire just like my nails after using this starter kit.

Before I get into the aspects of the pro45, I was searching for a gel nail kit and came across OPI GelColor Gel Lacquer-Oz The Great and Powerful Collections. The product looks promising, so I decided to put an order in to check it out. I will be making a post on it soon so stay tuned!

So, what’s going on with this Red Carpet Manicure Pro 45 Starter Kit? Well, the first thing I can say is that the coat has lasted about 2 weeks. The instructions were very easy to follow, making it a great gel nail kit for beginners or for those more expertise manicure tables owners.

gel nail kit

The LED lamps came with 3 bulbs at 2 watts each. It was enough to get the job done, although the surface wasn’t very hot, and it was a bit too small to fit your hand in. The end result is that it doesn’t cure as fast as a high end professional LED light, but dollar-for-dollar, you can’t really complain. It worked significantly better than it had any right to considering the $61.29 price tag. Remember to let your nails completely dry under the LED lamp!

Using the the purifier treatment will help avoid that tackiness and leaving you with high shiny gloss. The gel polishes are very thick so remember to apply a ultra thin layer and push the cuticles all the way back without getting any polish on them.

Also, I’ve read about people having chipping problems. Typically, this is mainly due to either the thick application, or not letting your gel nail kit fully dry. You want to use only an ultra-thin layer of coat or it will stay wet. You might get slight tip wears, but that’s a very minor issue, especially when compared to the quality you get out of this gel nail kit.

The curing time takes a bit of a while and amounts at the salon or time consuming schedules that can’t fit in your busy life sometimes. There isn’t wide range of colors you get your basics such as red, black, and coral.

The polishes don’t look much anything like what the box displays. in being slightly transparent. Some people say that they still have tackiness when done but you must remember to use the purifier treatment after you’re finished, which will leave your nails with a smooth shiny look.

There have been a few complaints of tackiness, but that can only be if you haven’t used the purifier treatment. This will leave your nails with a beautiful vibrant smooth look. Removal is very easy with this starters kit using it with pure acetone.

This gel nail kit reminds me of the SEPHORA by OPI Gelshine Home Gel Color System, but sitting at a lower price range and yet still achieving results almost as good.

Consider adding this gel nail kit to your list for any gift-giving occasion: holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, etc. Other places sell this at $80.00, but no one can offer greater value for your money than Amazon.


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