Get the perfect look with the Best Face Makeup of February, 2019

I check out the hottest face makeup products!

Looking to put your best face forward? Is your makeup bag crying out for the latest beauty tools? I love browsing through magazines for the new goodies on the market and trying them out – always searching for the next magical product.

In February, 2019, I can’t live without the following beauty essentials:

1) Buttercup Magical Setting Powder

What Makes It Great

I was impressed with how full this cannister is – be warned! The cannister itself looks very well made and long lastingly rugged, while the puff applicator feels feathery soft.

This has a lovely, powder scent, and being translucent, would suit most skin tones. It appeared to even out my facial tones really well.

This powder is great for minimizing pores and lines, and makes for a great setting powder.

It’s so light and doesn’t settle in the lines like heavier powders can and stayed in place all day. I tried it both as a foundation and a makeup setter – it excelled at both.

Where It Could Be Improved

Make sure you get the right powder for your skin tone.

9.4Expert Score
The Final Verdict

A super luxurious face powder at a great price – I love it! Perfect for selfies.

BUTTERCUP POWDER. No ashy flashback in selfies & photos. Flash-friendly loose face powder for Medium to Deep skin tones 1.25...

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2) NYX Duo Professional Setting Spray

What Makes It Great

As a NYX product, I would expect the packaging to be slick and it is. This duo pack contains professional grade products that will make your face look fresh and dewy all day.

Choose between the dewy finish veloute or the matte finish. You can even mix and use them together.

After finishing my cosmetics routine, a light spritzing of this all over, and my makeup stayed matte and flawless all day. It dries really quickly, and despite being a hot day, nothing ran or melted.

Where It Could Be Improved

To be honest, I really can’t find anything that needs improving.

9.0Expert Score
The Final Verdict

Even on a hot day, and in a pressurized situation, I felt I looked as good as when I left my house that morning. This is an ideal product for any makeup kit. And it's totally cruelty free!

2 NYX Makeup Setting Spray "MSS 01+02" Matte/Dewy Finish (Long Lasting)

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3) Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer

What Makes It Great

You know those mornings after the night before when you just need a little makeup magic? Well, this goji berry and haloxyl infused concealer will erase any signs of tiredness, stress, or over indulgence instantly.

Maybelline have created a product that not only camouflages undereye dark circles, but smooths out the skin, reducing any puffiness. I was surprised by how well this works – once I get the hang of applying the concealer through the sponge applicator. It also doubles as a highlighter and seemed to actually brighten the area under my eyes to match the rest of my facial skin tone. A tiny bit goes a very long way and it also works well to cover small scars.

Where It Could Be Improved

You have to be careful not to use too much of this concealer as it dries like paper if there’s more than a slight covering.

9.7Expert Score
The Final Verdict

If you want eyes that look bright and don’t suffer from dark circles, this is the ideal product for you. It goes on very smoothly, lasts for hours and means that your flawless finish extends to hide your dark circles.

Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circles Treatment Concealer, Light, 0.2 fl. oz.

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