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Spa Pedicure Chairs For Sale – Make Your Salon World Class

Spa Pedicure Chairs For Sale

Make Your Salon World Class With Luxurious Comfort

You have a problem: You need a pedicure chair, but you’re not sure which one? Well let me break it down for you right now! There are hundreds of makes and models. It’s a pain to sort through them all. I’ve been there many times, and I understand your frustration.

I have your solution: Me doing the boring, tedious research for you.

How? It’s simple. I’ve searched the Internet looking for what I consider to be the most amazing pedicure chairs for sale. I take into account a combination of things: quality of design, features, aesthetics, customer support, the reviews of others, and of course price.

By the end of this article, we’ll make sure you have the nail salon or spa massage pedicure chairs of your dreams. Whether you want them for sale individually, on wholesale, or even whole pedicure benches, we’ll have something you like.

Alright, enough about me. Let’s talk about the chairs!

To make things easy for you, I’ve divided my research into three categories, each with two spa chairs. If you have a good idea of what you’re looking for, you can simply click the category that best fits it to quickly jump to that section.

Luxury Pedicure Chairs

For Those Who Want Only The Best
Continuum Maestro Pedicure Spa - a beautiful, sleek, modern spa chair, made of green fabric and dark brown wood
What Makes It A Great Chair?

Made 100% in the USA, The Maestro Pedicure Spa by Continuum is made with a full solid steel frame built to last many years.

It looks very smooth. It features a swivel chair with lumbar support and vibration massage with heat to help you feel maximum calm. The pearly surface basin features no-pipe technology using a powerful jet fan to create an intense whirlpool foot massage. Additionally, it comes with an auto-fill function and manicure trays on both sides.

No complains about this chair. If you want to sit like a millionaire, this is the chair for you.


Continuum Echo Plus Pedicure Spa

What Makes It A Great Chair?

This lovely little chair comes with both contoured footrest and adjustable arm support so you can sit pretty. The armrests swing both up and down, allowing you to sit in comfort in nearly any position. You’ll always feel well supported.

If Mother Nature is something you’re concerned with, you’ll be pleased to know that this chair is eco-friendly, with hand-cut & sewn upholstery.

This isn’t quite the magnificent piece of artwork the Maestro is, but it’s a fantastic substitute at nearly half the price.


Non-Luxury Pedicure Chairs

Great Chairs At An Affordable Price
Continuum Echo LIGHT WALNUT FORMICA CHESTNUT Massage Pedicure Pipeless Spa Chair
What Makes It A Great Chair?

This item has the same features as the echo bamboo, except that it is pipe-less. It has a contoured footrest with adjustable and swinging armrests, is eco friendly, & has a chair massager. It also includes hand cut and sewn upholstery.

If you’d like to save a little money by not having the pipes and/or you prefer the chestnut color, this would be the optimum choice for you.

Pibbs PS93 Footsie Pedicure Package
What Makes It A Great Chair?

The Pibbs PS93 Footsie Pedicure Spa is significantly cheaper than the previous chairs. Be that as it may, it has quite a fancy design. No plumbing required for this chair, and it comes with a portable extra deep footsie footbath with double heating and soothing vibration.

Another nice feature of this chair is its disposable liner system. This will give you the cleanliness you need without tedious work or harmful chemicals. This chair is awesome, coming with six degrees of vibration as well as a swivel chair.

If you want a chair that looks and feels like high-end luxury, but has a low-end luxury price tag, this is an excellent choice.


Budgeted Pedicure Chairs

Quality Chairs For Those On A Budget
Pibbs PS10 San Remo Footsie Pedicure Spa
What Makes It A Great Chair?

The Pibbs PS10 San Remo Footsie Pedicure Spa is similar to the pibbs PS93, but with a more woodsy down to earth look. No plumbing or installation is required for this handy chair. Comes with a footsie and carry tray, as well as 10 disposable liners.

The seat adjusts forward and backwards and swivels up to 180 degrees so you can adjust your comfort. If you want a more natural look and would like to pay a little less than the ps93, this is a win.

What Makes It A Great Chair?

This chair is great. It comes with a four-wheel muted massage system. It does kneading, shiatsu, knocking, & flapping. Not only that, these functions can be controlled with a hand held remote with customizable auto and manual modes.

The nifty seat is adjustable forward and backward the arms can be pulled up 90 degrees for easy on/off access. Another likable feature is the tub which comes with a temperature controller and an air massage function.

If you want a state-of-the-art pedicure spa that is cheaper than the Continuum Maestro, this chair is in store for you!



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